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New Flavour!




4:15 pm, Friday afternoon

Hello fellow hookah smokers!

    The nice thing about where I work is that we have this little Middle Eastern "supermarket" store close to us that's actually got TONS of authentic hookahs, lots of shisha brands and flavours just behind the counters, and REALLY cool Middle Eastern foods, pastries, and other items that literally made me feel like I could look out of the window and see a street that's somewhere in Turkey or Israel. I felt really out of place with a coat and a red nose from the cold in that store .... that's how cool it is over in Canada. Oh how I LOVE the (below) freezing weather! Ahaha, not :S

    Anyway, I'm super excited to say that I've picked up what I consider a "classic" flavour and a flavour I've never tried before in the store. What I mean by "classic" flavour is that it's one of the first ones I've tried, and it reminds me of just when I began smoking the hookah with the friend that introduced me to them. It's the Al Fakher brand of two apples, and it takes me right back to some of the earliest, most "classic" memories of smoking it with a little bit of vodka or beer (my favourites were coolers - still are) with a group of close friends in the summer. I've got some good times smoking these things. The other flavour that I've never tried (and that I was REALLY hoping I'd be able to at some point sooner or later) is the Lewis Marie brand of banana flavoured shisha. Yes, I’m quite the “girly” flavour enthusiast. I can’t wait to try it later!

12:11 am, Saturday

    Just finished smoking a bowl of the banana stuff! And I really, really liked it. Couldn't say I loved it, but it definitely was really great. The BEST part of it was smelling it once it had been smoked. It honestly smelled like candy.

    Our furnace is broken here at home, so we have a fireplace going. I keep hearing my parents walking around upstairs, checking the main fireplace, so it sketched me out a bit. I have never seen them up this late so energetic before, and I kept waiting for a parental unit to walk downstairs and discover that I was smoking a hookah in the bathtub! It affected my session, and not in a good way. But hey, the bowl was actually pretty great, so other than trying to keep the noise down and a slightly pounding heart, it wasn't a bad session. My dad caught me once, and he figured it out pretty quickly. My bathroom smelled like rose-scented charcoal smoke, and I swear I don't magically walk out of a bathroom leaving it smelling like that on a regular basis. HUGE tipoff right there, but so long as neither of us told my mother, he was cool with it. Again, he was a smoker (he recently quit cigarettes. YAY! Cigarette smoke definitely does NOT smell nearly as good as hookah smoke does) so I'm sure he understood the whole "why" behind smoking to begin with. He's never smoked a hookah, and I've never smoked cigarettes, and I'm sure they're really different, but there's gotta be some sort of mutual understanding between people who smoke .... even though one is completely different from the other. For those who smoke both - obviously they're both different, but in which ways are they the same? Different?

    I LOVE this blogging option. Gonna keep updating. In the meantime, I literally need sleep more than I can verbalize. I have been getting pretty much none for the last two nights, so I'll update later! Write soon!



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