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Late-Night Reflections




    Hello again to my readers!

    I've begun to realize that my favourite kinds of smoking sessions are late at night, especially when they hover around the midnight-to-one-am hours. I know the night is still relatively young to be smoking, but here I am, doing my own little session in the bathtub (yes, that's how I do things 'round here .... if anything catches on fire, at least my bathtub also has a shower option I can turn on just in case). I'm smoking a lemon-flavoured Shisha right now. It's not my absolute favourite flavour to be smoking, to be honest, but it's definitely not my least favourite. One of the first flavours I smoked was the two apples flavour, which tastes like black liquorice. That flavour, plus the rose and mint, will always be my all-time favourites. Those three will always be the "classic hookah pipe flavours" to me.

    Late-night lone sessions are when I get most of my thinking done. Nighttime, listening to the house settling as I smoke a bowl,  is how I settle down and unwind after a stressful day. I know in a "perfect world," I tend to thrive on structure, including structured sleeping .... but in reality, I'd actually rather smoke a bowl and just reflect on the day before bed than just go straight to bed. A combination of smoking and writing does wonders to how well I sleep, I recently discovered. As far as I'm concerned, even if the number of hours I sleep appear to be less by "normal" standards, I figure it's quality over quantity. And thus, this blog has been born out of that theory - smoke a bowl, clear my head, and be asleep for a "power nap" in replacement of what most call "real sleep." Who needs sleep when you have the internet and a good bowl?

    Some of my favourite memories of me and other friends have come from smoking the hookah together. There have been so many amazing back porch memories of when we would sit around and smoke the hookah together, discussing a range of topics as wide as TV shows to very serious life chats. I love the idea of just being able to sit down and talk with someone in a comfortable and quiet environment to get to really know someone better. As much as I am a coffee and tea enthusiast (I own my own French Press and an embarrassingly large collection of loose leaf tea), I think there's something to be said for sitting down and smoking a hookah together. Definitely a fan of it!

    I swear, the next entry will be more focussed on real life than on the hookah (although, you can expect at least one or two honourable mentions in the next post!)! Have an amazing holiday season!



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