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!!Pushing of Products is getting Out of Control!!

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One reason i reccomend a "sales" account and a "personal" account for vendors.

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QUOTE (Sonthert)
Oh, yeah, Mushy, you forgot the biggest problem, according to Culture Clash Magazine as far as vendors promoting their products on Hookah Forum...Tangiers...er Sonthert...you didn't even mention my name. I don't know if thats a good thing or a bad thing. I'll take it as good.

Well E, as far as I have been here I have never seen you push Tangiers. I have seen you answer questions regarding it but never made a post about why its the best shit out there. I also find it ironic, when people ask what the best shisha is you never say Tangiers is number 1, its always 3 or 4.

Although, you have no need to push your product. Everyone on this forum does that for you. laugh.gif

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