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  1. run hot water through the stem for a couple minutes, then run a wet stem brush through. You would be better off using lemon juice as your cleaner from now on though.
  2. Surface rust is what you are seeing. Nothing harmful about it really, just wash the hookah and wipe it off as best you can. The smell is just what happens as the shisha is burned. I have never found a way to truly remove that god awful odor.
  3. Bambino, last time I looked at the production run they have thicker glass bases than the QT. Plus they look like grenades.
  4. zip loc bags. They take up very little space and travel well. No washing needed.
  5. Mya's are good hookahs, I use them as do my buddies. They are made in China and are marked as so, including their Crystal. Their distribution for the U.S. is located in Northern Virginia. My Bambino does a great joband smokes quite well with a phunnel attached.
  6. Smoked a fresh pack of grape 2 weeks ago and it still tasted horrid. No loss to me, they were free gimmes.
  7. QUOTE (mattarios2 @ Aug 7 2008, 10:42 PM) ive done it, first rip is nasty as the soda bubbles, but after that its fine. Goodluck Pretty much explains it right there. The first few hits are rough, but once you "flatten" the soda you are good to go. You could always open a can and set it out for a few hours to release the carbonation. Or just shake it up a bunch in the bottle and slowly let all the carbonation out.
  8. When the Tangiers resorts to its Default Flavor. Thats when we know its kicked.
  9. Everyone seems to ride the small wang of Starbuzz. Their crap is overpriced and well just complete crap. 2 years ago I would have said yes, buy Starbuzz. Now, hell no. Their quality sucks compared to what it was. Use Layalina and something else. I prefer Tangiers, but you could try out his new washed line. E (tangiers/sonth) is probably one of the only people/companies who continues to produce the same if not better quality every year. His flavors continue to become better, he knows when it is not up to par and remakes it. For hookahs, Mya has great pricing for large quantity hooka
  10. Learned that about 4 years ago. Dumped the hookah on the floor, tossed the coal in the ashtray sitting outside. 5 seconds later heard a loud crash and found the ashtray exploded in to a bunch of pieces.
  11. This song makes me laugh everytime I hear it. Jagermeister Love Song by Psychostick. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6ltpUYvWqI...feature=related I know I promised I'd write you a love song But instead I just wrote you a drunk song Because love is pathetic But seventy proof is no less than poetic You look your best when my vision is blurry That's not what I meant I can't keep from slurring Because love is emetic But not if you bought me a shot and I hit it Drink 'till you're crazy Dance 'till you're sick Take off your bra Give it to the 'stick Drink '
  12. Grats buddy. Have your buddies buy a beer for you and say its from me.
  13. QUOTE (azcoyote @ Jul 2 2008, 08:46 PM) Survivors of the VT shooting would have preferred a similar outcome, imho. Too bad the parents have joined forces with the Brady Campaign. They want all guns removed from the country.
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