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The Hookah might be dying...

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Since I have been out of the game for 2 years I have been going through my files of websites. My list of US retailers.... 55% are no longer active.

Saw Blaze Shisha is gone... didn't Ron Jeremy endorse them?

Just started checking my international list... man I am scared. Are deleted 2 out of the first 10.

Tangiers Forum gone. 

Nakhla bought out and hard to find. 

Texas still has their high tax on hookah tobacco so I can't buy anything from the state H-S and Texas Hookah are still off my purchase list. Even the Arminian store here is $20 for a 50g pack of Prince. I use to buy it for 2!!!

Just chatted with H-S and Romman might be out of the biz!!! I don't know if I can live without Ivory Coast!!!!!!!!!!!!

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There are a lot of new brands hitting the market. Reminds me of when everybody and their brother were releasing starbuzz copies; just rebranding tobacco from Jordan. 

Lots of new stuff to try, but I never have had time to try a bunch of stuff. 

I liked it better when I knew what I liked and just kept that around. 

Looks like everyone is trying to copy Tangiers now. 

I guess it's time to venture out and repopulate my go to list.

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Rebuilding my stash is hard, what I use to have is hard to get... Man I am dying for K-Cherry had to by Kashmir and Dark Cherry and mix it myself.


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