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Vapor Pens? Help? New User?

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Hello, I am a new user to vapor pens. I am particularly speaking about pens that contain a water of some sort and produce smoke. I am NOT interested in ones that damage the lungs like ciggs -- the pens that are hookah or "e-cigs" containing tar, nicotine, tobacco, etc. Where could I find them? my friend let me borrow hers. I believe she found hers at Spencer's gifts store or some place in the mall. Please help.

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There is no such thing as any kind of pen style vape that will contain water. You could try to vape water but it wouldn't give you any results. 

You can however, find a pen style disposable for pretty cheap. If you think your friend found hers at Spencers, then that's where I would look for one. 

Also, personal vaporizers of any kind do not contain any tar, tobacco or any carcinogen. The only thing you'll find in any decent pv is vegetable glycerin, polypropylene glycol, flavoring, and nicotine (and you can find a large selection out there that do not contain any nicotine whatsover) 

Fantasia makes a pen style vape that is based off of their flavors, that sounds like exactly what you'd want. 


Try this



Welcome to the forum by the way!

We have a whole section dedicated to vaping, and any questions that you may have should be posted there. Feel free to make a new thread in that sub-forum if you'd like.


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First off, welcome to the forum!


I honestly would just go with an ego/pen type vapor device. I'm sure there's a vape shop near you that sells them. They're generally called starter devices, and often come in a "starter's kit." That will be way more satisfying than any disposable pen style you can find.


Here's some starter kits, to show you what I'm talking about: http://www.madvapes.com/kits-bundles/starter-kits.html

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