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  1. Made a spontaneous order last week. Going to set some time aside tomorrow to have a nice session. Looks like this place is still pretty dead unfortunately.
  2. hopefully it's just a trend. Still waiting for someone to do something ignorant with a high powered device and ruin it for the rest of us. 
  3. Attempt number 2 went very smoothly. Pretty happy with how everything is laid out so I think I have my final blueprint. Thought about doing a B box but I just like how small the G feels in my hand. Still getting the powder coat on Thursday, but if anyone has any painting skills let me know, maybe we could work something out! I've got enough supplies to make 8 more of these.
  4. May do a small forum only run close to cost. I don't want to turn a hobby into a job. Depends on how it turns out. 
  5. Just gona go with solid black for now. A buddy of mine runs a machine shops and he's just going to throw it in with a customers order.  Thanks for the positive feedback guys, hopefully the final product ends up being as good as I hope. 
  6. The "test" box is driving me crazy because it's not perfect lol. Beyond ready to get the powder coat done so I can put together the final piece. 
  7. Decided to take a shot at making my own unregulated box mod. I've got plenty of electronics and soldering experience so I figured it would be worth a try. The first pic is from my "test" box. Basically used it to figure out where my holes would go, how I would manage my wires and where everything would sit nicely. It's a 1590g enclosure so there isn't a lot of room to work with in there. (Edit: those pics are actually in the second post lol, stupid mobile) These pics are of my next box, already drilled the holes and test fit everything. It's being powder coated on Thursday, going to line the inside with vinyl and wire it all together. It will be much much cleaner than the first haha.
  8. Well. Post a pic of your setup so we can identify what you have. We'll be able to help you way more with a simple picture
  9. Also, as far as rebuildable tanks go, the fogger is pretty nice. I know Chris had one and liked it, and I've vaped a few that friends own.
  10. That won't be necessary buddy! I don't smoke too often these days due to pretty much never being home haha. Pm me your addy and I'll get everything out to you this weekend, maybe Monday at the latest depending on if I have to work OT Saturday.
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