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Some Tangiers For Sale

Hey guys trying to clean out the hookah cabinet...yah just went to tangiers and bought more then i needed so i got lots of other stuff i need gone outta my house. all of this is open in containers besides the guanabana.  Shipping will be extra i will let you know what shipping costs depending on what you buy


500g welsh cream  20$

500g welsh cream and chocolate mint mixed 20$

120gm roughly of Jack Fruit 7$

120gm roughly of birquq horchata 7$

150gm roughly of Tropical Punch 7$

250gm of Guanabana unopened. 15$


buy the whole lot ill ship it for 75$


Also i still have inhale easy light coals for sale 3 boxes for 25$ shipped



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Sold please take down post

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