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Cannax Shisha Endurance Travel Bag

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[size=5][b]Cannax Shisha Endurance series travel bag[/b][/size]

Manufacturer: Cannax
EAN: 4260090020050
Dimensions: 70cm high x 21cm diameter
Material: 600D black polyester
Purchased from: hookahshop.co.uk
Price: £18.99

This is a travel bag designed specifically for a 26" - 28" shisha pipe, which will stand fully assembled within the bag. Manufactured by Cannax, I suspect it may have been commissioned by Aladin as it's only their distributors who sell it. The bag is well designed; it has a single long strap to carry the bag upright like a duffle bag plus a pair of holdall/rucksack straps, and it stands upright with a pipe in it. In a baptism of fire, I successfully transported the pipe, assembled and with water in the base, without spilling a drop.


The bag has a single main compartment, which happily swallows the stem and vase, a Nammor type hose, a 7" KM tray (just about) and a bag of coals. The zipped pocket on the front is large enough for a couple packs of shisha, bowls, foils and other odds and sods. There's also a pocket on the base of the bag which I didn't use as I felt it would be likely to make the bag less stable, a bungee cord arrangement on the outside of the front pocket (why?) and a rather silly little mesh pocket below that, which I stuffed full of plastic mouth tips.

In summary, it comfortably holds everything I need to take the pipe to a party and serve up shisha, which was my intention, and does so well enough that I have no qualms about transporting the pipe with water in if convenient. I regard it as good value for money when compared with camera bags, instrument cases and other purpose-made, padded luggage.

Overall rating: [b]9/10[/b] - a good purchase, does what I expected and does it well.

And finally, a note to international readers, retailers or group buyers: the same bag is available cheaper on the German market than it is in the United Kingdom, use the EAN number above to find it.

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