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Starbuzz Flavors: Good Mixes?

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Just wondering what you guys think are some good mixes for starbuzz flavors.

one of my favorites are: Sweet Melon + White Peach (or regular peach)
sweet melon is a really good mixing flavor in general though

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Mixes I like:

vanilla + white peach
vanilla + pumpkin pie

Vanilla in general makes a good mixer.

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I work at a hookah bar where we exclusively use Starbuzz for our premium mixes. Here are a few that I feel comfortable giving to the public:

Berry Blast: Blueberry, Blackberry, Vanilla
The Adel: Strawberry, Orange, Raspberry
Sweet Dreams: Strawberry, Grape, Peach
Orgasm: Strawberry, Mint, Cherry, Apricot, Grape
Shockers: Grape, Orange, Mint
Ardent Forte: Rose, Apple, Mint
Arabic Specials:
1- Guava, Mint
2- Guava Orange
3- Apple, Grape, Guava
4- Apple, Grape, Orange, Mint

If you want ratios for some of these feel free to message me. Most of these will be drastically different if the ratios are changed.
Other than those I have about 100 mixes floating around my head that are some of the best things that you could ever smoke.
If anyone wants to smoke with me in Dallas or Lubbock hit me up.

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