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  1.   haha it's getting low! I've only found 1 site that's been keeping in stock pretty consistently. May need your help down the road if that's cool with you! 
  2. What's up every one!   So I guess this topic is border line review-ish, but I wanted to here every ones opinions/experience with the new AF line.    So far I've tried two of them, Sparkle and Tangerine Twist.    Sparkle was like your standard AF lemon, but with a sweet undertone. It's almost like a lemonade, but not a pow in your face chemically lemonade, a really really refreshing one. Was an excellent flavor.   Tangerine was just amazing. I'm partially biased, because I personally feel like AF's orange is one of the best on the market. Tangerine is like a sweet orange, with a slight creamy taste on the exhale. It was really really freaking good.    I'm more or less an occasional AF smoker as tangiers is my primary, but I have to say so far I like the new "modern" flavors I tried. Was just curious if you guys tried any and what you thought of them?
  3. Thanks for the heads up! time to stock up now :D
  4.     Still in SD now, first thing I'm going to try when I get home though haha. 
  5. Hey guys,    been a while since I posted here but figured I'd share a sweet story. It's been a a thing on my bucket list since I started smoking Tangiers about 3-4 years ago to go to Eric's lounge. I finally got to go to San Diego on a business trip, and naturally the first place I went to at night was The odyssey lounge.   Some background, I've been having trouble lately smoking my favorite flavor, really the only flavor I smoke Tangiers pineapple.  I can smoke it fine with the lotus, because the heat management is easy, but for some reason whenever I tried to use foil I burned the crap out of it. So I stopped be the Tangiers lounge for the first time, got to meet Eric, and told him my story. Not only did he take me and show me how to properly pack a bowl, but he took fresh tobacco and mixed in the flavor for me. He showed me proper heat management, the proper pack and everything.    Safe to say it was the greatest hookah session I've ever had. I'm defiantly going to make time to go back to the lounge, and can't wait to get home to try and pack and manage a proper bowl. Random story, I know figured I'd share :)    
  6. I just pick it up with my tongs at the end of the session (you HAVE to clean it while the shisha is still hot, once it cools it's a nightmare) take a paper towel, and whipe the burnt shisha off. I then run it under cold water, just take a scrub brush and scrub anything that remains out. So far it's been pretty clean (asside from a few burnt patches). 
  7. I too once thought it was over-rated, and gave up on it for a while. I kept seeing all of the hype on it and got kind-of frustrated that I was missing out on this "hype train". After spending a lot of time watching youtube videos on how to pack/manage heat, and wasting A LOT of tobacco to finally get it right, other brands just don't do it for me. Once I got the heat management down, and bowl packing right I fell in love. I'll still smoke al-fahker every now and then because I feel their orange goes un-contested, but the main core of my stash is tangiers. It's defiantly not for every one, but some of the flavors tangiers has just packs such a punch of flavor and clouds, it's amazing :)   In the end, to each his/her own :)
  8. I got mine for the lazy factor of it, not gonna lie was tough to shell out the 45$ or w/e it was. I have absolutely no regrets. I can play games while smoking and never have to touch the coals. I also get much longer sessions, and it works wonder with tangiers :) Only complaint I have about it is it works alot better with my medium phunnel, than my small one. So a little bit more shisha, but a lot longer sessions and hassle free :D
  9. These are the same guys who ran MNH. I've ordered from hookahcousin's a few times and never had a problem. Unfortunately they don't have tangiers, and they really don't have a selection of hookahs so once they sold out of tangiers I haven't ordered from them again. (they had a clearance, tangiers noir pineapple for 5$ a bag :D )
  10. I used to do just AF mint, that basically gets rid of any platic taste off one session haha. But then it's all about getting the mint flavor out ><
  11. Sup every one! Happy Friday :)   So to start this off I love the nammor hose, I always use them. I love the design, the pull and the lenth of them. My only complaint is that new hose taste, it really kills your sessions for the first few bowls. I just got another one, I've rinsed it out about 10-12 times with warm and cold water but it still has that plasticy taste. I was wondering if any one had some tips, rather then going through another 4-5 bowls of unpleasentness untill it balances out.   happy smoking!  :Hookah:
  12. Anxiety

    Kaloud Lotus

    What is it? A windcover/foil screen combo Ok, what's it suppose to do? Minimize heat mangagment/enhance smoke session for allowing even heating distribution across the bowl and shisha Does it work? Yes Cost? $50 right now Setup   I used a KM trimetal, nammor house and small tangiers funnel bowl Shisha- Tangiers Pineapple (only thing I smoke at the moment) Coals 2x coconara's cube style (flats won't fit properly)     So, when I first saw a video of this thing I thought it looked pretty cool, then the guy said it cost 50$ and I was kind of like hell no. Lately I've been having a lot of trouble to heat management  not because I don't know what I'm doing but simply because I'm lazy. When I smoke I'm usually watching a movie, or playing video games and not paying attention to my bowl or rotating coals. I've also been having to chop coals in half lately to get the  heat just right which has been a nuisance in itself. Since I heard such great things about it I'd figure I'd give it a try purely for heat management.      Pros- Set it and forget it, plain and simple          Coals last alot longer, I get about 70 minutes of off coco's          I have yet to burn a bowl, opening and closing the vents is so simple it makes it a breeze          You get a "fresher" taste, I don't know how to explain it but the flavor is a bit more enhanced, nothing drastic, but defiantly noticeable.   Cons- Price, 50$ is steep let's be honest that's about a kilo of tobacco           Clean up, it's a bitch I'm not going to lie. Yea, you just have to scrub it which isn't "hard" per say, but if you want to do a continues session you have to make sure you dry it perfectly, because if coals get wet they die :(     Overall, I love this product. Here's the thing, if you're perfectly content with your heat management, moving and ashing the coals and you don't mind it at all, this product is a waste of money. If you're like me and lazy, or just simply can't get the right heat going then this product is perfect for you.    I have heard that it does drastically changes the flavors, like tangiers march cherry, but I haven't experienced that yet. I do have a tangiers cherry pack, and I will test it and update you guys!
  13. yea it's a new batch, just worked on my heat management and got it running back to normal. been doing 3x coco halves and then switching into a 40mm 3kings quicklight. 
  14. lol I didn't know there was a name for that method. But I do the same thing, I've been known to pull a good 6 hours off of a #7 bowl with full flavor. I've never had pineapple, but it could possibly be that it's old. I have tang that's over a year old and it's just now starting to lose flavor. that's the only thing I can really think of. Also I notice some flavors if you give too much heat to it just kills the flavor outright and there is no hope of getting it back once you scorch or burn it. This may also be the case. you may have an excellent point here, between my packing method and the coco's it may have just been too much heat, so the first round was great but it was burning at abnormal pace. by the time the second round of coals went on it wa sbasicaly burtn and they were over kill (I was noticing when I emptied the bowl the tobacco was CRISP like flaky no juices to be found) I will work on heat managmnet as well, just weird it's happening to me with this batch, and never before!
  15. No, I've only had it for a week, and considering it was sold out at EVERY vendor when I finally got it I'm assuming it was a very new batch.       this makes ALOT of sense, and pretty much sums up alot of the issues I have been having, thanks for the info!   I just packed it like I would pack AF, fluffed it in and left all the juices (aka gypsy tears) in. Instead of using 2 cocos I used 2 japaneese coals (as I heard they give off less heat) the first 45 minutes was a amazing, second round of coals was just as good. I'm going to assume the fluff pack solved this issue and not the heat, but I will throw 2 cocos on in my next session and let you know the results!   thank you every one for the awesome responses, love this community! 
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