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  1. hey guys, I'm back! it's been rough for the past god only knows how many months now without you guys. I have successfully quit smoking (cigs) the last couple months have been really messed up, couple of relatives died, and custody issues blah blah you get the point. anyways i just wanted to drop by and say hi and i miss you guys, and to everyone i am really sorry i kinda just disapeared, just had to take care of alot of family shit. goodnight everyone, it's great to be back!!
  2. yay im finally 20. tonight im gonna relax a little bit and tomorrow PARTY!!! im going to grand rapids tomorrow to see relient k, and then throwing a hotel party. it's gonna be soo good =D
  3. shit i forgot one, well a couple actually... when yomega yo yos were awesome. skateboarding. playing games that were immediately classics for snes and sega. when everyone was into wrestling.(i swear for like two summers in a row you couldn't go anywhere without that one kid that was super obsessed that constantly kept "stone cold stunnering" everyone. creepy crawlers. man i just 20 today and i wish i could just go back.
  4. if you end up passing on the guy from craigslist, check at this site: http://www.broadwayphoto.com/productlistin...mp;PriceRange=3 i found some pretty good quality projectors on there.
  5. oh shit i forgot about hugs, and supersoakers lmao as for thundercats, lion-o was a pimp! i miss when reality shows were virtually non existant. or when MTV actually played music, instead of a million shows with the same plot.
  6. most of the best memories i have had in my life took place when i was child, when life was so much easier. here's a few things i really miss: 1.cartoons(flintstones,scooby doo,jetsons,dragonball z,tom and jerry) 2.summers off 3.no bills, or gas to buy 4.birthdays(where you actually got presents lol) 5.trying to find ways to fit as much fun as you could in everyday. 6.lack of realization of everything you have ever thought you could/wanted to do costs money. 7.video games(final fantasy,mario 64,golden eye 007,galaga,donkey kong,street fighter,sonic,zombies ate my neighbors,zelda) 8.kool-aid(red,purple,blue,color changing) 9.the ice cream man 10.innocence 11.flavor ice popsicles there's a million more things i can list, but i'll leave that up to you guys =D
  7. i deliver pizzas to a guy(approx. 65 years old) about three times a week, and his house looks just like this. in fact, he can't even open the door all the way.i have to hand the pizza to him sideways in order for him to get it through the door. everytime i go to his house he's playing world of warcraft, and smoking. he orders the same thing evertime too, 1 small pizza, cheese and pepperoni, and 4 20 oz. bottle of dr. pepper. pretty sick.
  8. double post...guess i was excited =p
  9. anyone remember the koolaid that came with color changing pellets? (only came with the 6 pack bottles) those were the best.
  10. QUOTE (Scoop @ Sep 24 2008, 02:04 PM) i have a used blackberry pearl with 2 chargers (car and ac) for sale how much you looking to sell it for?
  11. kay i need a new phone, cause mine broke =x basically i need either a tmobile or verizon phone. phones i want: sidekick samsung t309 chocolate enV blackberry pearl voyager i need a new cell asap, cause i deliver pizzas and quite frankly it blows without one. thanks guys.
  12. i have had my tongue pierced for 2 years now, and never had a problem smoking hookah or cigs with it. also had my lip pierced which i will be doing again soooon, and that never got infected either, also smoked with that too.
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