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newbie joining the hookah world

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Hi everyone,  so im from Canada Ontario and decided to get a hookah recently for various reasons biggest one being to get away from vapes as I find myself using them anywhere and everywhere.  At least with a hookah ill still enjoy a smoke while smoking some foods or hanging out in my shop and not be vaping everywhere and anywhere i go as i do now.

On that note.... I got a couple questions! 

how is the herbal shisha (tobacco free stuff?) in comparison... i havent smoked out of a hookah in a solid 10 years and I couldn't tell you what I used the last time I tried it or what i smoked but did enjoy it!

my next question is I pretty well narrowed down my 2 choices for what hookah's I want but wanted some opinions on them

I've been debating between the Smokah Alpha (179 CAD)   and the Starbuzz SB mini  which is (150cad) 

I've found a CRAP ton of reviews on the SB mini via youtube and other sources which has me leaning towards that one for the most part as a lot of people say their great hookahs for the price but i'm also curious on the smokah alpha and how it is in comparison to the SB mini.

ideally im looking for a billet hookah that will be sturdy durable and ofcourse offer a good smoking experience for within that price range  (the smokah is a little over budget but I know I can more then likely swing a deal on one for close to the price of the SB mini. 



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