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Nowadays, we can’t denied the popularity of kayaking, it is becoming increasingly popular all over the world, because it is vast benefits over the conventional boat equipped with motors. Kayak fishing is very nature-friendly as it doesn’t cause noise and air pollution and fun to play, you can even bond with your friends and family. So you want to try this sport and now you don’t how to start, here are some tips for new beginner out there.

Of course you need to find a perfect location before going out on a kayak fishing trip with your friends, family or maybe yourself. If you are a beginner then you don’t want to fish around the ocean cause lack of experiences. Finding a suitable location ensures that you get good results and save your time, this can helps you feel more comfortable
Next, you should have a proper knowledge of the location so that you can get in out without having any trouble and you won’t  be wasting your precious time. Best Fishing Kayak 2020 Daily
Keep your mind that consider your setting and find yourself a good quality kayaks that can suit your water body. Take an example like this, if you want to enjoy fishing quietly on a steady lake, river will require you to pick a regular kayak. However, if you like to challenge yourself and aiming for fishing on big waters, like ocean, you going to find a higher price kayak so you can feel safe around the dangerous area.
The thing that can move your kayak is a paddle, it is an important part cause it will guide your kayak through fishing waters, must be light and easy to use. The paddle should be in a right shape cause not every paddler are the same, each paddle has it own benefits. High angle paddles are the best suited for calm water or surf zones, but what about low angle and wing paddles, they have their own unique style and benefits.
Not every fish are the same, you should do some research to understand the kind of fish that live in a place where you are going to fish cause you don’t want to catch the wrong fish. Moreover, you need to study their breeding season and life cycles, this can help you find the right moment and you can catch a lot fish. If you have more time, you can target other kind of fish, catching a fish is fun and you can chase other species too. https://mix.com/topfishingkayak
Safety first ! Everyone always say that, make sure that you take proper safety precautions because threats are all around you and you always keep your guard up. Always carry a first aid kit with you just in case of any minor accidents. And, don’t forget to carry a life jacket, even if you are an expert in swimming.
This is a good tip for a beginner who want to improve their fishing skills. Sight fishing is a state of the art because you will learn how to be quite around the water surface. Your kayak boat is always quite in nature, you have to move you kayak around without spooking the fish, and make the fish understand that you can approach without harm
This skill can be a huge advantage for anglers. You are going to stand up or just move your body up a bit using heightened seating, this can be dangerous cause you might fall down the water. To avoid this, just do some practice or maybe you can ask for your friends, family members to help you with it. Good Fishing Kayak
To be honest about this, paddling with one hand can be very hard, but this is one the best trick to master the fishing technique. Practice makes perfect so it can be difficult, this skill is used when you need to steer and keep the kayak in a right position while handling the fish with your other hand.
This trick is useful when you catch something with your hand, this is a trick that I recommend some beginners when it comes to this sport.
One of the thing you don’t want to do is pack your gear when it is wet. If you do that, mold and rust will be your friend and this is an unwanted surprises. Staying in a water surface for a long time won’t guarantee you dry at all, sometimes you are in a rush and don’t have enough time to dry it, just leave the damp packed gear uncovered. 
That is all tips for Kayak Fishing

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Yeah it is very relaxing. I hope you also got some shisha (mu'assel, the smoking mixture usually used in hookahs) and charcoal. Most beginners use the quick lighting round pucks because they are very simple to use. More knowledgeable and experienced smokers usually use pressed coconut charcoal cubes like Coco Nara or similar. You will also need aluminum foil and a pin to poke holes in it.

The two most common beginner mistakes are packing the bowl too tightly, and over filling. You want it pretty loose, and not touching the foil. The foil is stretched tightly across the bowl and molded tightly to the sides of the bowl. The burning charcoal is placed on top of the bowl. Usually the pieces are placed near the edge, not in the middle, especially with a large bowl.

Oh, but first you check your rig for leaks. Assemble your hookah and seal the top of the bowl with the palm of your hand. Draw in through the hose. You should be able to hold a vacuum indefinitely. If not, find the leaking connection and fix it. The base should be filled with water only high enough that the bottom of the riser tube is about an inch below the water level.

Let the coals develop a good coat of gray ash before placing them on the foil. Periodically, remove them. Drop them in the tray to knock off the ash, and put them back on the foil in a slightly changed position.

There you go, the bare basics. I suggest searching for some youtube videos, or simply go to a cafe that has hookah smoking, and observe. I don't know about Hanoi, but I know there is or was at least one cafe in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City)  that has hookahs.I was there maybe three years ago. Don't remember the name of the cafe.

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