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Romman tobacco?

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I never get buzzes either,  but I agree the Romman tobacco is pretty damn good

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I just placed an order thru Hookah-Shisha for some  Romman:

Double Apple
and Sweet Melon (2 boxes)

I ordered Overnite Delivery.  I can't wait to start smoking some
great shisha again. They lowered their prices from $18.95 down to
$15.95.  I'd say that's a pretty considerable deal for such a
great tobacco

Way to go Sami,  thanks for those sale prices 

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I would like to add the following disclaimer:  Hookah smoking is
not designed to give you a buzz, it is a social and culture experience
designed to warm the atmosphere.  Second of all, it is not the
type of tobacco that gives you a buzz, but the lack of oxygen to your
brain.  This is caused by the thickness of smoke; therefore, if
you are looking to get a buzz, simply smoke whatever tabbaco you're
using faster so the smoke gets thicker and as a result you will provide
your brain with less oxygen.  Comparing tabbacco brands as the
wise Mac above suggests, Romman tobacco is the Cadillac of
shisha.  Al-Waha is the best of the lower end products, and if
you're looking into spending a little less it still provides for an
excellent smoke.

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you can't get a buzz from most shisha if you smoke regularly,
however, Romman tobacco is average tobacco. Similar to Fumari, good relative to it's own average-ness
if you haven't tried fakher, then check it out. you'll notice the difference.
Pretty much mathazar is one of the few smokers I've seen to favour romman over fakher, wereas to me and my mates, fakher is much better in literally every way.

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