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What Are You Puffing?

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Recently cracked open my humidor after a long long while and have been having a cigar almost everyday or every other day since I've been out of work. Quite relaxing I might say, missed the taste of a lot of ones I've had before. Off the top of my head: last week I had a Macanudo Cafe Hampton Court, a smaller cigar - 5.7x43, Connecticut wrap, Dominican fill, some kind of binder. Two days ago I had a Don Tomas Allegro, medium ring at 5.5x50, this one was a Maduro wrap, not sure on the fill or binder, probably one of the creamiest and smoothest ones I have had, I'm definitely a Maduro fan. Today I just had a failed experience with a slightly dry Camacho Select Robusto, at least it looks like a Robusto size to me a bit short and stout sort of like the Allegro's width. While it lasted (only smoked 3/5 before trashing) had good cocoa and nutty notes, unfortunately the uneven burn and constant need to relight caused me to get a headache quick, had to dump it. Anyone else on here smoke any, at least lately? I have a picture of the same Macanudo and Camacho plus the tube for the Don Tomas, all for reference, since I had doubles. Also a pic of what's left in the stash.





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