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Tonic Washable Hoses

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Tonic washable hose

Build : A nice thick hard plastic. I've dropped it and stepped on it(I'm 215LB). It has taken a beating.

Hose length: It is 72" or 6ft in length

Handle length: 7" from a quick quess. It's a little short if that's a problem. They do offer a long handle version which I do not own.

Hose bore: I don't have a size, but it's a big bore. Huge compared to a mya hose.

Looks: They come in 12 different colors and for a cheap hose look very neat. They even glow under a black light. If that's your thing.

Pull: The pull is crazy easy. It makes my Syrian "almost" pull like a Khalil.

Washable?: This hose is completely washable. There's no fabric or metal to worry about. Which also aids in it not getting dirty or ghosting as much as other hoses.

Comfort: The short handle companied with a thick handle can be a little disadvantageous. However if your a cigar smoker it's small in comparison. I've gotten used to it, but I wish it was a little smaller.

Price: $7 at online retailers or $15 at my local tobacco shop. I think it's an amazing alternative to a nubhose. For $7 it's hard to beat.

Purchased: Unfortunately I was in dire need so I purchased locally. Lucky they had a good hose in.

Overall: 9.5/10 .5 Deducted for a shorter than liked handle. As well a bigger than liked mouth port. Although I would buy it again and again. It has a different non traditional look. It could be a party hose for the glow. It pulls great and it is ultra cheap. It can take a beating even when you don't mean to. The diameter aids in washing as well. Which is a easy task in itself. It comes in a multitude of different colors. There is just to much to like about this hose.

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Tonic Cobra
Build: Sturdy, well put together
Hose Length: 77"
Handle Length: 10"
Smallest Hose Diameter: 1/4"
Hose Weight:  7 oz
Handle Weight: 3 oz
Looks: Nice
Pull: Slightly restrictive
Washability: Washable
Comfort: Comfortable
Price: $14.99 
Purchased From: Hookah-Shisha.com
Overall: 8/10 For a cobra style hose, this is probably the best. It is nowhere near as bad as other cobra’s. It pulls a lot better, but it’s still slightly restrictive. The feel is very nice and it’s washable, a huge plus. Not in all a bad hose, but I just prefer a longer handle. 

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