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Al Feshawy Sherif Cafe

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Ever want to smoke hookah the right way, for the right price? Alfeshawy Sherif Cafe is the place to be! Wether it be inside or outside, the hookahs are phenomenal, and are very well priced. For your average, fruit flavored shisha, you have the option of Al-Fakher Shisha, for $8, or you can smoke Starbuzz shisha for $10. Want an even more frutified experience? Alfeshawy will change the bowl of your hookah to a fruit of your choice for a $4 charge. If you want to smoke Hookah, commercial style with the only the best Syrian Quality hookahs, with non-stop coals you must go to Alfeshawy!

338 W. Railway/Crooks Avenue, Paterson, NJ 07503

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