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Syrian Hookah Hose

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[b][size="3"][color="#a0522d"]Syrian Hookah Hose[/color][/size][/b]

[b]Build:[/b] Sturdy and Well Built
[b]Hose Length:[/b] 64.5”
[b]Handle Length: [/b]13.5”
[b]Smallest Hose Diameter: [/b]1/4”
[b]Hose Weight: [/b]10.4 oz
[b]Handle Weight: [/b] 5.4 oz

[b]Looks: [/b]looks very unique and nice
[b]Pull: [/b]Very Restrictive
[b]Washability: [/b]Non Washable
[b]Comfort: [/b]Somewhat comfortable
[b]Price: [/b]$17.95[b]
[b]Purchased From: [/b]Hookah-Shisha.com [b]
[b]Overall: [/b]4/10 This hose looks great and well made. Problems are is it is very restrictive. My hand doesn’t fit between the puffs on the handle. It’s a great looking hose, but it just doesn’t perform that well.


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