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West Wood Hose

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[b]West Wood Hose[/b]

[b]Build:[/b] Very Well Built
[b]Hose Length:[/b] 69.5"
[b]Handle Length: [/b]17"
[b]Smallest Hose Diameter:[/b] 1/4"
[b]Hose Weight:[/b] 9.2 oz
[b]Handle Weight:[/b] 4.8 oz

[b]Looks:[/b] Very Nice
[b]Pull:[/b] Effortless
[b]Washability:[/b] Non-Washable
[b]Comfort: [/b]Very Comfortable
[b]Price:[/b] Free with Khalil Mamoon Shooting Star

[b]Purchased From:[/b] Hookah-Shisha.com
Overall: [/b]9/10 The hose has a very good pull. It's a cheap KM knockoff but it's still a decent hose. It's a solid construction. I am keeping this one around. I have made it my coffee hose.


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