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Byblos Lebanese Restaurant And Hookah Lounge

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[size="3"][color="#0000ff"][b]Byblos Lebanese Restaurant and Hookah Lounge
1406 North Main Street
Fort Worth, TX 76164


So my wife and I went to Byblos to try something new.

As far as the restaurant goes...FAN FREAKING TASTIC! I love this place. I can't wait to go back. The food was amazing. Everything tasted great! Well accept the Arak...just not my cup of tea.

Now to the hookah lounge...

Lounge seats about 30 people.

After eating we walk over to the part of the restaurant that had the hookah lounge.

This one's complicated lot of pros and cons to this place. So I will highlight in color to point them out.

Hookahs are [color="#008000"]Generic Egyptian Stems[/color] with [color="#ff0000"]Sahara Smoke Genie Bases with the paint rubbed away at the water level[/color]...guess they are painted on the inside... I will be avoiding these bases in the future. [color="#008000"]Sahara Smoke Synthetic Leather Hoses[/color]. If I didn't own one probably wouldn't have noticed.

They use [color="#008000"]Al Fakher Shisha[/color] and [color="#ff0000"]Starlight Quicklights[/color].

[color="#ff0000"]Had to sign up a year long membership for $10. There is also a surcharge of $5 for anyone under the age of 21.[/color]

[color="#008000"]Lounge looks great despite that it's small and narrow. Seating is good and table tops are lighted which is nice. [/color]

[color="#ff0000"]Menu is kind of out dated. They no longer carry half the flavors listed. Which gets complicated when ordering. The guy that runs it, Gizmo or something like that, tried to convince me that AF had an Abra Cadabra back in the day. Not sure I am buying. He through the session would stop and try to wow us with his knowledge. And tried to convince us quicklights have no taste and are better than any other coal.[/color]

[color="#008000"]Regular Hookahs $12[/color]
[color="#ff0000"]Iced Hookahs $17
Designer Hookahs $22 (2 mixed flavors with a shot of alcohol in the base)[/color]

[color="#ff0000"]They allow cigarette smoke. Guy lit up and totally ruined the mood.[/color]

[color="#ff0000"]Ended up with AF Berry. My wife loves very fruity stuff so I thought this would be a great choice, but the QLs killed the taste is was very mild. [/color]

[color="#008000"]They guy was able to take care of coal management for use, went through 3 coals.[/color]

[color="#008000"]Really until the last few minutes I was enjoying it and just a decent place to smoke not far from where I was staying....that was until the last few minutes.[/color]

[color="#ff0000"]The guy, gizmo or whatever, asked for our hose i took of my tip cause the wife and are were chatting and having a good time and the bowl was pretty much cached. He started pulling on our hookah without a tip and smoking. My wife stopped talking and looked at him. I said we're done, I want my check...NOW. I left no tip I left.[/color]

My final rating 3/10.

If they fire that guy that thought he was God's gift to hookah and inconsiderate ass that smoked my hookah without a tip. 6/10

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