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I just went to this hookah bar tonight. ive been a few other times when i was very new to hookah.

well i thought id write a review..

Its in Amarillo, Tx

NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER go to this hookah bar if you want a good decent smoke.

So all they serve is king mollasses with what i think is king quick lights.

i got some pina colada. it didnt take long for it to come out. the hookah was some cheap mya knockoff with the worse pull ive ever had (i could have gotten a better pull off of a coffee straw) took me about 5 minutes to get it to start smoking (did i mention that they overfilled the vase and i got water in the hose which i couldnt get out because i didnt have the expertise of the workers) the flavor was sub par at the most. i wanted to put another coal on there to get it to start smoking so i asked for another one. the lady said "whats wrong with the one you have" well she brought out the other coal, lifted the wind cover (which i couldnt touch for obvious reasons) the bowl was overpacked and the foil was practically sitting there. she put the other coal there and we started to smoke again, it got a little better then it got too hot. so we asked our server to come over and take off the wind cover.. what im about to say deserves a new chapter.

so she comes over and i ask the bitch nicely to take off the cover, she stares at us like "what now" i tell her we dont need it and ask her to take it off, she says she cant.. so i ask her to de ash our coals.... something very simple right? NO. the whore takes the windcover and pushes the ashes off of the coals into the bowl (did i mention the holes on the foil were ridicously big) then she puts the windcover on. (while the slut was de-ashing our coals into our shisha i was suggesting other ways, you know blowing on the coals with your hand behind them so the coals go in the tray. obviously her way was superior)

so after she ruined our bowl by putting ashes in there, we stayed about 3 minutes after to smoke some nice burnt shisha with a hint of ash and left.

1-4 below average
5 average
6-10 above average

Atmosphere 2
Service 4 (she did come everytime i asked)
Knowledge 1
Quality 2 (the place looked pretty nice for the size)

overall BELOW AVERAGE (really really crappy)

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Forgot to mention. they didnt even give us mouth tips for our hookah, so..

Sanitation 1. for a rating of 1.something

oh yeah, they have a policy that says that no outside good tobbacco is allowed. so it would have been pointless if i tried to bring my own hookah there. (after 15 mins i left there to go smoke at dennys where i had great service and good convos with friendly waitresses) Edited by Canon

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This place is now closed

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