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PTX Rant and Other Off-Topics




Hello again forum!

    It's relatively early Saturday morning, and Christmas is only two days away! I'm not necessarily anticipating any hookah-related items (in fact, my mother is beginning to suspect I have one :S), and truthfully I have absolutely no idea what I want. I said I wasn't sure, so surprise me. This will be an interesting Christmas! (As an aside, a puppy would be great!)

    So I'm a fan of Pentatonix - I love the band! They put out tons of great content and have really incredible work out there, and they still do have some amazing stuff coming out. But, if you haven't been following them for a while, Avi left the group in May. And it just hasn't been the same since. I'm watching and listening to some of the content that Avi's been uploading since he left the group, and it's a bittersweet feeling to see him performing with another group. It's been a dream of mine to see PTX perform, and I would have loved to see it back when it was the original group. Still though, maybe this could be a good thing? Let's see how this goes. <-- Do I have any other Pentatonix fans out here in this forum? :lol:

    On New Years' Eve 2016/2017, I have to admit, I went into a sauna and did a session there. It was a really chill way just to usher in 2017. I remember it was the rose shisha I was using, and it was one of the best smoking sessions I've ever had. The atmosphere was really chill, really relaxed, warm and comfortable. I just love the hookah in general - and I love how the smoke of a hookah is one of the only ones that smells incredible after it's been smoked! It really does. One of my absolute favourite ones for amazing-smelling smoke is the rose - surprise surprise. I also love the Two Apples flavour once it's been smoked, except I feel like being a fan of black liquorice would have to be a prerequisite to getting this flavour. You wouldn't think by looking at the package that it would taste like that, being a new smoker. The banana one I just bought isn't bad, but it's not as flavourful as I thought/was hoping it would be. I'm not a fan of the peach or lemon one I have. The orange isn't bad (pretty sure it was on the shelf too long before they sold it to me, because it's a little dry. Good otherwise!) and I realize that I love the grape flavour.

    Alright, I'm going to head out and start my Saturday. Hope everyone has an amazing day!



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