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HOLY S***!!



Holy s*** people, I'm f***ing retarded. I just had a conversation with my buddy who enlightened me on the actual working of a hookah. Shows how little I know and how much I smoke instead :P

Turns out...coloured smoke has already been around!!

A f***ing smoke machine can be adapted for coloured smoke using a mixture of glycerol, water, and food dye. It's completely safe to inhale because people use smoke machines at gatherings all the time.

Also...charcoal is not the way to go. Once again, charcoal only provides heat to vaporize the shisha/tobacco. The white smoke from it is the vaporized shisha/tobacco.

If the glycerol, water, food dye mix can be properly added to the tobacco in the right amounts...you could pull color from the tobacco!!!

I don't have the resources to test this but if anyone wants to take some spare time, and take proper safety precaution, just in case, this could work!!


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