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A small breakthrough!!




Following my last post, I talked about dyes and their application into the water base of the hookah. Dye the water, dye the smoke...right?


I looked back and gave some thought into the actual process of how a hookah works. Dyeing the water will, in fact, not dye the smoke. It's just gonna sit there and look pretty...lol. So that got me thinking...the water base in the hookah is meant to cool and filter the smoke, so that it doesn't burn the hell out of your lungs.  Light cigarettes use a similar concept by using perforations in the filter to add air to the smoke to let some of the heat out. In further research as to how colorful smoke is created, the most common example would be the smoke bomb. Through a small combination of potassium nitrate (saltpeter), charcoal, sulfur, and wood dust, a white smoke colored bomb can be created. This got me thinking...


If I can figure out a way to color charcoal and produce the desired color from it, then I will be one step closer to figuring out this puzzle...

Now how do you color charcoal, one of the blackest minerals known, and get it to burn properly while producing colored smoke?...

And making it safe to smoke and adapt for a hookah?...



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