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Onward Christian Soldiers



The sabers are rattling,again. The US government claims agents of Iran were involved in an attempt to assassinate Adel al Jubeir, the Saudi Ambassador. Iran calls it ridiculous lies. Who do you believe. Well Iran certainly has lied before and aMFears to lie continually about her plans to build nuclear weapons. And the American government? I hardly believe anything that comes from their lips,its all lies and spin. Even the Obama administration , who promised us transparency,has become as adept with smoke and mirrors as in the Bush years. So what’s going on?
Iran’s nuclear ambitions have got a lot of governments worried. Although I believe that Iran wants nukes primarily as a deterrent and is paranoid with American presences in Iraq,Afghanistan and in the Gulf states,I doubt if she will unleash any nuclear holocaust. Iran may be stubborn, but she is not stupid. And there is another paranoid state in the region,Netanyahu’s Israel. Netanyahu is yet another saber rattler of the first order and has been clamoring about taking out Iran’s nuclear weapons capacity for some time now. Between Netanyahu and some fire breathing Republicans,there has been much talk of war with Iran. Todays news has Rep. Peter King (R N.Y.) calling the assassination plot an act of war. I could almost believe that the whole affair is an orchestrated one. A plan designed to give credence to military action against Iran. You know,like WMD’s in Iraq. Remember that one.


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