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Teach Your Children Well.



Heading out to my morning walk in the woods,I put on the news station. I heard that that the Catholic Church in India is going to pay bonuses to Catholics who produce more babies. India, the worlds second most populous nation, soon to be first, who can’t properly feed many of its own countrymen. India, where vast tin and cardboard slums exist in every major city, India,where people scrounge garbage dumps for food, and the Catholic Church is calling for more babies! Why? More children to abuse? More church members to contribute money( do they have any?) Or just playing the numbers game. My news station also carries Glenn Beck in the morning, so I got my dosage of hate and fear. Beck is writing childrens books, probably where the Grinch turns out to be George Soros. Beck,now inciting hatred against the Occupy Wall St movement, paints them as anarchists and communists( can you be both?), and is pushing a book called “The Black Book of Communism” which details all the atrocities attributed to various Communist regimes. And,he says,have your children read it too! He also sSPAM!!!ests you don’t let your kids watch network news.Lets teach hate and fear to our kids. Amazing. Thousands of evangelical Christians are taking their kids out of public schools to Christian Academies that t tend to use the Bible as both a science and history book. Let’s send our kids backwards in time! Hopefully their are plenty of Moms and Dads teaching their children about love,peace and the unity of Creation.


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