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A Time For Greatness?



When Obama was running for president in 2008, I thought,here is man standing at the crossroads of greatness,a junction history doesn’t often offer. I bought Obama’ change rhetoric,only to find it was business as usual. Nothing was done to address the crimes of the Bush era,our military adventures increased,big oil spoke and everyone listened,green environmental issues were given lip service until the recession gave cause to side with those who exploit the planet. More of the same,more pandering to lobbies,more suMFort of repressive regimes and even when the Arab spring arrived, America and Obama hemmed and hawed. So we took on Libya,but left Bahrein alone because it harbored a great American military presence. Oh well, so much for freedom,liberty and democracy. Even at home those words are now used to divide and foster hate. Now Obama is given yet another chance to step into history as a winner. What great fortune,this guy gets as many oMFortunities as cat gets lives. The world is changing rapidly,the status quo is crumbling and it is time for America to do and suMFort what she says she stands for. This Friday, Palestine steps forward,asking for recognition as a state. As the General Assembly votes, a very large percentage of that body will vote yes and the resolution is bound to pass. Of course,then it goes to the security council,where a council member can kill it with a veto. Netanyahu’s repressive right wing wing government has expanded illegally into Palestinian territory,he ignores UN resolutions and ignores a large number of patriotic Israelis who are tired of war and seek some end to this seemingly never ending conflict. For Obama to stand up in favor of the Palestinian state would greatly enhance his stature among the Arab and Islamic nations,it would give America a chance to open meanful dialogue with the newly free Arab nations. It would secure again respect for America in the world. Let this Nobel Peace laureate truly act in an historic manner.<p class="robots-nocontent sd-block sd-social sd-social-icon-text sd-sharing">
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