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Tangiers Cane Mint NEED HELP!!!!

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Hey guys, i am a hookah smoker for 7 years...

Worked at a hookah lounge in LA for 3 years...


Anyways i have a very huge issue, my tangiers cane mint has been very very bad for quite some time...

IDK what the hell im doing wrong and i will literally go berserk if i don't find out how to fix it, like cane mint has been such a huge help to my life(i know it sounds crazy) but i've literally smoked it all, from star buzz(which i hate) to fumari to zagloul anything u name i've tried it.... 


but tangiers cane mint got me hooked,the flavor is phenomenal and amazing, 


So when i first bought the flavor it was perfect never any issues, then apparently after the 2 owner's split up it felt like the quality of the tobacco went downhill, seems like i needed to acclimate it more or just let it sit out and it just seems like there was more to it since the quality has changed.....


now anytime i smoke it, it's very inconsistent,whether it's fresh out the bag or been in my container for 2 weeks it seems to have that nasty soy sauce flavor and it's overly strong but i can handle it,it's just gross it doesn't taste good,i've tried everything 


-overpacking it and putting coals straight on and start it up fast

-overpacking and edging it and starting it slow

-underpacking and starting fast and vice versa....

-even pressing it tight or leaving it loose,same with everything


Its literally been affecting me as a person, i work full time and run a side business,and coming home after being out since 7am and back at 7-8pm i wanna come home to a good hookah and it's just not happening...


My setup:

1.Pharoah Katalyst Hookah

2.MOB Gold carbon fiber hose

3.Predator Mini Bowl/Hookah John Alien Bowl

4.Fumari Coco Burner

5.Coco Earth Charcoals

6.Reynolds Heavy Duty Foil 


BTW when i pack the bowl,i just pack it to the top, i make the foil extra tight,i poke 2 circles of holes around just the way anyone else does...


and as for charcoal i used to cook it a lot,but now i cook it until all the black is gone, and let it sit after for like a minute then put em on....


Please if anyone can help me i'll send you a gift card or something😂😂😂🤷‍♂️

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The Candy Cane helped you allot that's very christian haha.

Have you tried a different charcoal? It might be dirty, same for the burner. Clean up.

Try to create a bit space between the tobacco and the charcoal a few milimeters might help.

Write again after fixing those things. We look than.


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wait i'm confused,how can charcoal be dirty?

also,the fact that the burner is dirty that can make a difference in how the hookah come see out? omg no way

ya tbh my stove has been pretty dirty but it wasn't my fault my dad never cleans up after himself since he does smoke for 6 hours every day!


what charcoal do you recommend?

ive tried so far with cane mint coco earth(which was the best in my opinion) titanium,which also was very good,this other one that's like a yellow box called coco desert or something ,even tried wood charcoal,and coco nara which sucked badly....

but idk what i've done, i just spent 60 on cane mint and i'm pretty upset cuz i've used 30% of it and not one good bowl:/


tmrow ill buy buy a new burner,and new charcoal just to see if it makes a difference,and won't let daddy touch it😂😂😂 thanks again,i'll get back to u once i've tried it


cuz honestly yesterday it was soy saucy and today i swapped out the container i put it in,into a old candy container,and today it taste just nauseating 

but the container had no candy in it it was all wrapped in wrapper

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Hey there!


They can get dirty and the burner as well if you left it in kitchen while cooking, fat in the air sinks down and... dirty than.

I recommend all coals from shops, didn't find the good or bad one - but I'm only known with coco charcoals and quick lightnings and with quicklightnings i recommend three kings all the time they have a clean taste.

To get dirt away if there is fat on the burner you can try to use things like alcohol because it gets fat away very well.

How does soy sauce smell come into your shisha. You did no in did you xD

Maybe you just never use tobacco from them again if they are not able to make the same product again and again.

They are able they just don't want these... ... xD

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Do you acclimate the tobacco?

TONS OF HOLES! Use an oyster fork and put holes all over the bowl.

If i use cocos on Tangiers I use a grate off a Computer power supply, but mostly I use jap coals, they work better with Tangiers. High heat will kill tangiers.


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Lot's a brands, Tangiers makes some, Exotica, Just go to most hookah retailers they should have a category for them. They are silver and square in a stick. Check out the review section here.


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