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Lapine Lupine Labs E-Liquid

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These are great flavors, I just get tired of them too quickly in the day. So hoping someone else can enjoy them.

From left to right: American Apple Pie, Maple Breakfast, Strawberry Limeaide, and Waiting for a Name. See pics for the amount left in each, all bottles are 30ml. All four are 3mg, mixed just around a month ago.

American Apple Pie is delicious, you can actually taste the baked apple. Maple Breakfast is like going to IHOP and pouring Maple Syrup in your mouth! Strawberry Limeaide is unique in that it's heavier on the Lime than the Strawberry- really good. Waiting for a Name is a creamy strawberry almond milk flavor. Damn good.

Asking $15 plus $3 shipping. PM me if interested. Thanks!

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