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Domingo Martinez

How To: Set Up A Hookah (For Beginners, Only)

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Hello everybody, this is my first hookah tutorial video. I am working on developing my editing skills further, so the videos will improve as time goes on. I apologize if you find the video too simple or plain, but I believe it will serve its purpose as a basic introductory video. This is the beginning of a series of tutorials and reviews pertaining to hookah products. If you have any requests, please feel free to message me directly on youtube. 





Legacy Hookah

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Your first post, while informative is a video and you are pushing "legacy hookah" while this is not against the rules, I'm going to suggest you read the rules as I'd rather you not push it and know the rules. Our rules are clearly pinned and easily accessible.

In the meantime, welcome to HF

And a few things about the video to viewers and new people to hookah. It IS ok for the tobacco to touch the foil, in fact, if the bowl in the video were packed up to the brim instead of under the brim, they could have used 2 coals instead of 3 coals, saving money, and making the bowl, overall last longer (intead of putting too much heat on the bowl)  You could easily pack the tobacco up to and even a little bit past the brim of the bowl sprinkling the tobacco in, and using the foil to pack it down, just so slightly.

Also, I will suggest flipping the coals once during lighting, The coals in this video were parly lit, still leaving the top of them unlit, 30 seconds flipped over would easily have lit them fully (reducing the CO intake by the smoker, and giving fuller flavor to the smoker)

Otherwise, a very good how-to. Make sure your water level is 3/4" to 1" above the bottom of the downstem, and you will be good to go.

PS. one last tip. The video showed a "pressure test" where they covered the top of the bowl and pulled from the hose. If you do this and you get ANY air at all (after the first millisecond of trying) you are pulling air in from somewhere on the pipe, either your hand, the bowl to pipe grommet, the pipe to base grommet, the purge valve, the hose to pipe grommet, or your mouth to the hose.. or some part of the hose... or the pipe itself..

If you pull from a solidly connected hose and are able to suck air in, you have an air leak, even if it is VERY small, air is leaking in. Which can cause a huge loss of flavor, and clouds if the hole is big enough (loss of flavor tends to come first)

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