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Crown Tobacco

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Post your reviews below for Crown Tobacco. Questions and comments should be posted in separate threads. Non-review posts or parts of posts deemed not part of the review will be edited out by Mods. For ease of using the search engine, each review should start with: Crown (flavor)

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Crown Tobacco "Different" Melon Dew

[b]Hookah: [/b]Al Nawras Syrian.
[b]Bowl: [/b]Tangiers Mini Phunnel.
[b]Screen/Foil:[/b] Reynolds HD.
[b]Hose: [/b]Mya Freeze Hose.
[b]Coals: [/b]Razans.
[b]Base Liquid:[/b] Water.

[b]Appearance: [/b]Short, slightly wet, very sticky. Stems. Lots of them. Reminded me of Nakhla in the way of stems, except not as big.
[b]Nicotine: [/b]0.5%
[b]Base:[/b] Honey and Glycerin.
[b]Smell:[/b] Melon.
[b]Taste:[/b] It most closely resembles Nakhla's Sweet Melon, but not as good.
[b]Smoke:[/b] Good clouds.
[b]Buzz: [/b]None.
[b]Duration: [/b]~1 hour.

[b]Purchased: [/b]Secret Santa gift.

[b]Overall:[/b] 7/10. It's a pretty decent flavor. I packed it tight in my phunnel like I would do Nakhla or Tangiers, and used two Razan coals. The flavor was good, but wasn't as good as Nakhla Sweet Melon. Clouds were quite good. The part that got me is the pungent type of flavor it is. I get a "pungency" from any type of melon flavor I smoke (except Tangiers Melon Blend). It's worse with this than with Sweet Melon. Therefore I would choose Sweet Melon over this if you're looking for a melon flavor. I only smoked it for about an hour, and when I removed the foil, it was burnt about halfway through the bowl. So I'm guessing about 2 hours is as far as a Mini bowl is going to get you. With this type of tobacco, I find this to be less than typical. Other similar brands to this one I've removed the foil after an hour and more of it was fresh on the bottom. In closing, I enjoyed the flavor well enough, but would not go out of my way to purchase it. If it was readily available and cheap, then yes. But usually you'll find Nakhla's Sweet Melon for a pretty good price, so I'd go for it.

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[size=4][b]Crown [color=#008000]Melon Dew[/color][/b][/size]

[b]Hookah: [/b]Nammor Bondi Ice
[b]Bowl: [/b]Tangiers Mini Phunnel
[b]Screen/Foil:[/b] Sahara Smoke Pre Cut Foil
[b]Hose:[/b] Mya Saray Long Wood Handle
[b]Coals:[/b] Coconara Cubes
[b]Base Liquid: [/b]Water

[b]Appearance:[/b] Short Cut, Few Stems, Really dry, Saturated with Red Dye
[b]Nicotine:[/b] 0.05%
[b]Base: [/b]Honey & Glycerin
[b]Smell: [/b]Honey Dew Melon
[b]Taste: [/b]Like Natural Honey Dew
[b]Smoke: [/b]Average
[b]Buzz:[/b] None
[b]Duration:[/b] 2 Hours

[b]Purchased From: [/b]5starhookah.com

[b]Overall:[/b] 8/10 The smell is like natural honey dew melon. Tastes like Honey Melon Dew with Sugar. It’s really nice I thoroughly enjoyed it. I recommend it for all those that aren’t too fond of Nakhla Sweet Melon, this is a notch down in intensity and more natural. This brand also has some special gifts. 1) Lock ‘n Lock style container (going to be reusing them) 2) Female Mouthtip 3) Wet Wipe (clean your hands after mix your shisha.

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