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Beamer Herbal Shisha

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Post your reviews below for Beamer Herbal Shisha. Questions and comments should be posted in separate threads. Non-review posts or parts of posts deemed not part of the review will be edited out by Mods. For ease of using the search engine, each review should start with: Beamer (flavor)

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[size=5][b]Beamer [color=#daa520]Lemonade[/color][/b][/size]

[b]Hookah: [/b]Khalil Mamoon OG Trimetal w/ Cleopatra Base
[b]Bowl: [/b]Tangiers Mini Phunnel
[b]Screen/Foil:[/b] Reynolds HD
[b]Hose: [/b]Nammor
[b]Coals: [/b]Coconaras
[b]Base Liquid:[/b] Water

[b]Appearance: [/b]Ground up, Looks like Quinoa, Very Moist.
[b]Nicotine: [/b]0.0%
[b]Base:[/b] Honey, Molasses and Glycerin
[b]Smell:[/b] Lemon
[b]Taste:[/b] Plastic and Lemon
[b]Smoke:[/b] Good Clouds
[b]Buzz: [/b]Good
[b]Duration: [/b]1 Hour

[b]Overall:[/b] eBay.com

[b]Overall:[/b] 1/10 Well I was excited to try a new herbal. But I should have been prepared for what I got into the smoke. Well it’s just pure plastic with a lemon undertone. Not sure what herbs are used but I will put it this way. The undertone is fairly accurate, but it’s hard to overcome the plastic taste. I have attempted this with 2 completely different setups to make sure it wasn’t my mistake.

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