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Salt Bar

[size=3][color=#fff0f5][font=tahoma, arial, verdana, sans-serif]Atmosphere: 5/5. This is a contemporarily-decorated restaurant with sidewalk smoking terrace. Inside lots of soft light, leather, etc. They play sort of lounge/downtempo house music.

Argileh: 4/5. KM cafe pipes and hoses, huge choice of Fakher (probably at least 15 flavors) and Starbuzz. Real wood coals. Smokes fine, nothing spectacular, but fine.

Service: 4/5. Very nice wait staff but with an incomplete knowledge of items on the menu. Obliging, though.

Food (or in this case, drinks): 5/5. Salt calls itself a whisky bar, and true to its claims, they have dozens if not over a hundred whiskies from around the world to try. They also have a VERY impressive quality rum list, and an interesting, creative, cocktail menu. I had two rums, Matusalem 15 and possibly Havana Club 15 (I can't remember the second). It's almost unheard of to have a nargile place here with alcohol, let alone great alcohol. As for food, I haven't eaten, but the menu is North Indian, and looks pretty good based on surveying neighboring tables

Price: 5/5. For London: great. Al-Fakher £12, whisky (25ml, small), £4-£5, good rums (50 ml), £7.50 or so.

Overall: My new favorite place in Central London. Better selection and service than the other places on Edgware Road that I've been to, plus - a bar![/font] [/color][/size]

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