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A New Hookah Lover Comes

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Hey y'all... the name is Razz and I've been lurking around this site the last couple of days.
I've been a big shisha lover for almost two years now but I finally decided to buy my own hookah a couple of days ago. Living in Montreal, there isn't much quality choice in the local stores so I've been looking at online vendors to see which Hookah is right for me.

From all the stuff I've read so far, I'm thinking of getting a KM or a MYA, somewhere between 26" and 40 " (I can't seem to find any KMs smaller than 36") and I want something that looks good and smokes well. I'm still trying to decided if I should order tobacco online too (the canadian duties are scaring me a bit) but I haven't decided yet.

Anyways, it's great to meet y'all and I'm sure I'll keep learning from all of you as I stick around!

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Welcome in and learn lots! There are some other Canadians on the boards in fact you all have your own section in the trade area! Chat up the other canucks and they can let you know how best to try to circumvent the system when it comes to online ordering.

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