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  1. Thanks thanks :)  I grabbed the Esk Aple and some orange mint (I'm iffy on it, she loves it).  They have the Mizo blueberry and Lychee at my shop of choice (along with the others) so I'll grab those and some other AF golden next.  And probs some better SB flavos since they have them fairly cheap down the road.  I asked about the cherry mint but it wasn't in stock yet and they're the official AF supplier in Dearborn.  Grabbed an old school QT as well for funsies. Thanks much, peeps :)  And thank you for the snuggly welcome, made me smile. Chris, here's a link to the full EP, homie!: http://volume.bandcamp.com/
  2. Thank you so much fellas :)  I'm dissapointed to hear the quality cuts, AF had some major staples for me.  I can't handle Nak anymore, presubably neither could the lady.  Any washed brands that've assumed the throne AF once held?  And is Esk Apple still as good or has that gone downhill as well? I've been doing pretty darn well lately, heading further down the music rabbit hole, looks like I'm headed to school for production and engineering, been taking a break from performance for a bit, starting in on new material for a sophomore (full length) album.  This week in fact.  Chris did you ever hear the whole EP back in 2012?  New shit's gonna be pretty darn tootin' evolved from there but that first effort's still got a major place in muh heart.  Good to see familiar (and new) faces.  I love y'all.  Starting to smoke again (probably much more casually) so I may be around now and again, I've always checked back now and again though my ninja skills have allowed me to pass through undetected.  Or maybe it's the lack of posts.
  3. Yo homeskillets, I haven't bought shisha in like....3 years?  So my girlfriend and I are headed out to Dearborn for a date tomorrow eve and I want to stop and grab some new tobacco while we're there to smoke when we return, I'll be going with AF.  Esk Apple for sure but then what? I see flavors I am heretofore unfamiliar with when I google the Fahker.  I am intrigued.  *caresses beard* Cherry Mint.  Energy Drink.  Fresh Mist.  Grape Berry.  Grape Cream.  Grapefruit.  Orange Cream.  Strawberry Cream. Are these any good (particularly interested in the bold flavs)?  Links to reviews, general consensus?  Make it easy on an old man?  Thanks party people. - Mark
  4. Quick collage, unfinished and likely to remain so, lol. [URL=http://s336.photobucket.com/user/giant_ninja_robot/media/IMG_2136.jpg.html][/URL]
  5. Whatup yo.  While the same German bros own both companies (the one who owned TJ's died a couple years ago), the two are run completely separate of eachother so other than ownership and a general philosophy of savings there's not much commonality.  I had a regular customer stop me today and tell me (of her own volition) she's gonna talk to our boss about the degrading nature of the stick, lol.  Looks like the employees have a little old lady champion for justice!!!
  6. [URL=http://s336.photobucket.com/user/giant_ninja_robot/media/IMG_2133.jpg.html][/URL]
  7. I grew up drawing all the time but stopped almost altogether when I got depressed in my early teens.  I've focused on music over the last few years and very recently started doodling again.  I sketched a pretty cool 15 minute creature from the black lagoon type dude which is on my GF's fridge (I'll take a pic of that too), this was sketch #2.  It's been a super-long time, I'm really looking forward to experimenting with different styles and finding a creative voice through 2-D media.  I've gotten into collage a bit recently as well.  I think a ton of what stopped me back then was lack of confidence so I never really developed.
  8. I work at Trader Joe's.  This fall season we received 48 private label pumpkin products.  Including pumpkin body butter (which sadly is not lickable) and pumpkin dog treats (which are lickable). They made us take turns carrying around a customer service pumpkin wizard staff thingy with "got pumpkin?" graffitied cross the side.  A:  pumpkin overkill.  B:  I need a new job.  C:  the pumpkin staff was replaced by a turkey staff.  Gandalf is rolling in his literary grave.
  9. Didn't really mean to.  It was growing.  Then the hair starting growing.  Then I was like, "meh".  It's still growing.  I feel like Kimbo Slice.  Without the melanin.  Or fighting prowess.
  10. Nice work dudes We kindof rock. I weighed myself, I'm down to 237 which is 2 lbs from my weight at 17. 235 was my major goal at the start, I'm still going but it feels DAMN good to be so crazy close to where I set out to be.
  11. So I'm buying a MIDI key controller for production purposes. I've narrowed it down to the M-Audio Axiom Pro 49 and the Arturia Analogue 49. Taking a class in March and I need a basic setup by then. I'm leaning towards the Arturia, the keyboard has stellar reviews and it also comes with a baller software package with thousands of synth sounds, etc. that looks pretty amazing. Thoughts?
  12. Updaterooski. I haven't weighed myself in a while but I keep getting comments like "holy shit man, you're looking trim". So I guess I'm looking trim, lol. It's somewhere around 90 lbs lost now I'm sure, I started running like 5 months ago and though I'm on hiatus for the really cold months I've upped my routine at the gym and have been more active than usual in general. At this point I'm at a very good and healthy point and the focus has gone from losing a ton of weight to toning up all this residual damage. I feel pretty darn good with clothes on, still feel like a big floppy mess with clothes off, the real major definition is starting to come in and I'm trying to be patient. On the whole whjen I see someone I haven't seen in a long while they aren't even sure if I'm the same person. Pretty darn cool. Not stopping til I'm absolutely fit.
  13. Also not to play the old man role, but 9 years ago when I was 18 I was feeling pretty muh the same way. Different life problems but nonetheless. At 27 now I'll be the voice to tell you, while recognizing there are physical symptoms involved and not disregarding them, flat out: It gets better.
  14. You've got my support man. I've run the gamut from physical illnesses, mental illness, homelessness, obesity, and most recently a divorce that I'm just now REALLY coming out from. This thread isn't about me, I could go much firther into depth, but I just want you to know I've been through ALOT of shit and while it has taken massive effort to make it through here I am and I'm happier and healthier than I've ever been. There will always be shit to work out, that's just life, but you absolutely CAN get through this. you"ve got the best of the best checking you out at Mayo. I think the best thing you can do at the moment is slow down the best you can, back off the panic button, and acknowledge that things are rough but this is not the end for you, just a very rough spot. You'll make it through. Fear is a bitch. Fear is also based on past experience or future prediction. The reality? You are right here, right now, and you just don't know what the future holds. At times like this give yourself some grace, dude. Life can be so tough, don't add more pressure and stress than you need to if you can help it, it'll only exacerbate things. But yeah. Life can get pretty raw. And try to remember even if you feel abandonment when you really need people, if your Mom isn't where you're used to her being for you, you spent the time to reach out to us here and that's a big fucking deal. My parents failedand abandoned me frequently throughout my youth, I feel you. Big old positive energy haduken headed your way. Google breathing excercises and try one out. look into meditation, sometimes really simple things like that can start the wheels of healing in motion.
  15. Been darn good. Focusing on my daughters, new music, fitness, trying to figure out how the hell single life works. Miss you homies, glad things are on the up with ya. MAKE THAT LIFE-CHANGE YOUR BITCH! YEAH! And tell Brooke Mark says "hi"
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