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Smokinglog Smokedate 05122012

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Yesterday, I smoked my brand new KM Tri Metal hookah, with a set of coals that I condemned many years ago: insta-light coals. Nakhla 50mm tablets to be precies. Why? you might ask. Well let us say that sometimes, you start liking something which you hated in the past. Or in this case, misused in the past.
So there I stood (yes I was standing in the garden under the carport, too lazy to get a gardenchair) with a big vortexbow ful of Nakhla Fruit Molasses and two tablets on top. I was bewilderd! Seems those little bSPAM!!!ers don't have such a huge inpact on the taste after all. How come? I asked myself. The awnser was pretty obvious: I was too impatient in the past and put the coals, which were still igniting, in the foil. Which gave the rest of the smoking session a nasty taste of blackpowder.

I smoked that session like a King.

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