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  1. Made myself and my girl a nice Breaking Bad selfportrait

  2. Looks more like a toothpast-tube than a hookah hose. Even tho the material is really sturdy as you say, it hardly fits visually with all the golden vases 'n stuff. I'd love to hold one of these hoses before I judge it, but for now, I'd rather not put my lips 'n teeth to a metal tip. IF, however, there would be some easy to get, blue-ish vases and stems, this would be an awesome hose of choice.
  3. Sweet! It was the first thing I noticed when I just logged in. Epic smoking time pictures comming soon!
  4. same here in the outer regions of planet Earth, the Netherlands. We're being taught that the US goverment does this for oil. If you aint got no black gold an all, we aint gonna help ya
  5. You guys have way more tobacco in the US. Since I don't own a creditcard (which is normal in Europe) I can't order any special stuffs from abroad
  6. Hey dude, I've read only the fi4st and last page of the thread, but I got a great motivational documentary for ya. It might not be entirly what you're looking for, to accomplish, but its motivating and heartening anyway. It is called : I want to look like that guy. Now this is also about my line of sports: bodybuilding, but it'll work for self image and the psychological image aswell. Enjoy
  7. I just cqrefully lay the hookah in disemled state on the backseat of my car. And make sure I relax on the handbrake during curves...
  8. sweet stuff! where'd you get a girl like that?
  9. lol, and by the way, nice to see fellow photographer here! we are a happy lot.
  10. Thanks for the tips. I don't have a lot of time and places to smoke in winter (I have to smoke outside and it's freezing, so you can imagine how discomfortable that is). I'll be experimenting lots tho! Cheers
  11. That's quite a mouthfull. But it seems that that was indeed the case. Seems like the situation with the coals, being on the right temperature and right amount of tobacco etc, was right for the rush. Sweet. give more please!
  12. Oh, I did [b][url="http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/archive/index.php/t-177880.html"]find[/url][/b] this!
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