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Smile's Transaction

I have done business with Smiley once. And let me tell you, it was an awesome experience.

I had bout two pounds of coconut coals. I PMed him, told him I was interested. He gave me a number to call. The girl that answered was super nice and very friendly. I gave her my credit card number over the phone. She told me that I would be charged as soon as the shipment went out. The shipment went out the same day and two days later I got it in California. The box was full of peanuts to protect my coals. On the bags there where sweet smiley decals. I haven’t figured out where to put them yet but there will be a place for them. The coals were great too. If any of you want to try some of these coals, or try a Pyrex bowl Smiley is that man to go through.
Smiley gets an A in my book.


Tangiers- Green Apple

Tangiers-Green AMFle-7.5/10
Smell- It smells like Green aMFle Puckers.
Bowl Used-Egyptian
Foil-See picture below, example #1
Coal Configuration-
Smoke-It instantly smoked and got hot. I used example #2 and it was waaaaay too hot, I broke the coal and placed them like Coal configuration #3 and it was no longer hot but was smoking good.
Flavor- Good, Tasted like a green aMFle jolly rancher!! I really enjoyed it for the short time I was smoking it. It almost had a little double aMFle after taste but wasn’t anything close to the strong nasty 2xaMFle taste. Very Sweet and tasted a lot better then the strong smell it had.
Longevity- Unfortunately I wasn’t feeling well to start out with and muh boy was feeling really sick before we even packed the bowl. We left right as soon as the bowl started to smoke good. I will definitely be smoking this flavor again. It seems to be a really strong great flavor. Too bad I am getting a cold.

SB- Irish Cream

Starbuzz-Irish Cream-9/10
Pipe-MYA QT, MYa Hose
Smell- It smelled like the ALmond joy candy with a little bit of coffee to it. It made me want to eat the shisha.
Bowl Used-MYa standard
Foil- Heavy Duty with about 20 holes
Coal Configuration- two Jap squares.
Smoke- Smoked Instantly. Was DELICIOUS. Was the best coffee flavor out of any of the brands I've tried. Was really sweet with a little bitter coffee taste at the end. I can't wait untill I can smoke this flavor again. Especially with a mix. YUMMY I would most definatly sSPAM!!!est this flavor to anyone.
Longevity-We smoked the bowl for about 45 mintues. This would have smoked for atleast another hour if we had gotten more coals. But we went to bed.

Mya-Acrylic Hookahs

Acrylic Hookah -Mya Saray

Standard Size, Standard Mya Bowl, Standard Mya Hose.

I have used a Mya Saray pipe for over two years and I must say that the quality is like no other. I have not had one problem with this pipe in the whole time I have had it. Although the first few times, I had to find out the correct water level, but after that it was home free. The draw on this particular hookah is amazing. There is not one other acrylic hookah that compares. I have tried three other acrylic hookahs and nothing draws or is as reliable as this one. This hookah is comparable to a top of the line Glass hookah, without the worry of droMFing it and having it break. It is great for parties and it is actually what I use for my hookah business. Not only is the vase almost impossible to break, the stem is built to last. If for some reason something does haMFens to the stem, every part is replaceable unlike the common Egyptian pipes where nothing comes apart, and if it breaks you must then replaces the whole thing. The parts are easy to find and replace. The Egyptian pipes are hard to find a match for. This pipe also comes apart and you are able to put it in a case. Which is a huge plus. Taken care of properly this pipe is amazing and compares to no other acrylic pipe on the market.


SB- Kiwi

Starbuzz- Kiwi

Hookah: Mya Acrylic
Bowl: Egytian
Hose: Standard Mya Saray
Tobacco: I don’t know, I didn’t pack the bowl, but I am guess it was nice and juicy like all Starbuzz.
Foil: Heavy Duty Reynolds
Holes: Poked with a toothpick about 18 medium sized holes
Coals: Japanese style, three quarters spaced evenly around the bowl.
Smoke: THIIIIIICK yummy Smoke.

Flavor intensity: This flavor was ammmmazing! I couldn’t get enough of it. So much so, that when I left, I felt sick from smoking too much. Haha It was sweet yet tangy *like a kiwi* Although the flavor wasn’t exactly like a kiwi it was delicious. It tasted more like a kiwi and green aMFle mix. VERY TASTEY.
Time: We had two people smoking. The bowl lasted, with really good flavor, for about a hour and a half/ Hour and Fifteen. The flavor died almost instantly but was smoking suMFMFMFper well. So we kept smoking even though it didn’t taste like much.
Overall: This flavor was really good, I really enjoyed it. I have tried Layalina kiwi and HH Kiwi. Layalina compares in smoke but not taste *has a real chalky taste to it*, and HH compares in taste but not smoke *thin smoke and burns hot*. So Starbuzz, once again had it all *except the good price tag* But personally I think it would be worth every cent to buy a tub of this.

Al Waha- Afternine

Al Waha- After nine

Hookah: Mya-Acrylic
Bowl: Standard Mya
Hose: Standard Mya
Tobacco: Newly Opened Jar, tobacco was moist and pretty juicy. Bigger Chunks and some stems.
Smell: YUMMYYYYY! Smelled like little chocolate mints! DELICIOUS!
Foil: Reynolds Regular
Holes: Poked with a tooth pick
Coals: two ¼ Jap coals to start.. Later added another ¼
Smoke: FULL. Took a quick minute to heat up. But was great after that.
Flavor intensity/longevity: Got a pretty good buzz, which was nice. Don’t usually get those with the other brands I smoke. The flavor was very good throughout the whole smoke. It never lost the chocomint flavor at all. The mint was a little bit stronger towards the end and you could still taste the Chocolate.
Time: I smoked for about an hour and the bowl was still going great. Had to pack up though. I was sad.. but walked away with a nice buzz.
All in all: I really think that they hit this flavor right on the head. It is verrrrry good and probably my favorite Al Waha Flavor. It compares to the Starbuzz Chocolate Mint, which is really impressive. It has the same flavor as Starbuzz without the excessive price tag. GOOD JOB AL WAHA!

Having some fun!

Sb- Choco Mint

Starbuzz Chocolate Mint

And it was very tastey I must addmit. At first I was a little weary of this flavor. The more the bowl smoked the better the flavor got. It tasted like the little Chocolate mint candies named Andies. haha it was amazing. It was not like any other chocolate Flavor out there and the mint gives it that little extra goodness. This flavor will go spelded with a little Capiccino. Unfortunetly I didn't get to finish the bowl so I do not know how long the smoke lasted. I had to go home and sleep so that I could get up for work this morning. I was smoking for about 40 minutes and the flavor was going strong when I left. I was smoking out a a Mya Saray Acrylic. Starbuzz always gives really good O Blowing smoke. I love it! I will add to this post on Monday when I actually sit and smoke a whole bowl!

Al Fahker- Golden Apple

Al Fakher-Golden Eskandarini AMFle

Pipe- Acrylic Mya, MYa regular Hose, Tangiers Funnel Bowl
Tobacco- a brown/oragney color. Smelllllls Delicccious!! Although Not really of aMFles. BUt mighty Good. NO LIcorice smell what so ever!
Coals- one whole Jap coals broke into four pieces
This was the first time I tried poking holes like this and it worked really well this flavor
Smoke-amlost instantly full. big delicious puffy coulds! Although it did not really taste like biteing an aMFle it was very very very good. There is a slight perfume flavor but it just adds to the goodness *I don't like perfumey flavors*

All in all- I give this a good strong 8 1/2. I would highly sSPAM!!!est buying some of this for yourself! It is GREAT for mixes and I don't know many people that don't love this flavor.

Fumari- Triple Apple

Fumari- Triple AMFle
Pipe-MYA Acrylic, Mya Hose
Smell- Smelled really tasty. Like a Yellow AMFle
Bowl Used- Tangiers Regular
Foil- Heavy Duty
Coal Configuration- Two Coconut Coals to start the bowl off, later switched to Jap easy lites.
Flavor/Longevity- this was the first time I had tried to Coconut coals, and we were using a gas stove, they didn’t light all the way and were a huge pain in the ass… We switched to Jap coals and the flavor came through really strong. This flavor actually disaMFointed me. It was sweet with a perfume taste to it. No anise which is a huge + in my book. I wouldn’t buy this flavor again but I am not going to have any problems with finishing off the tub.

Layalina- Guava

Layalina- Guava

Set Up- Mya Bohemian. Mya Standard bowl. MyaWide Hose
Coals- Jap-Two quarters
Smell- A little bitter. Never eaten a guava before so I can’t compare the two.
Smoke- Takes a minute to heat up but after a few puffs nice tasety clouds.
Overall- This flavor is very unique and I haMFen to like it a lot. It’s not too sweet yet not too bitter either. It is a very light flavor but very enjoyable.

Al Fahker- Green Grape

Al Fahker- Green Grape
Set Up- Mya Bohemian, Mya Standard bowl, Mya regular hose
Coals- Jap, 2 quarters.
Smell- Smells a little weird. Nothing like green grapes, or any type of grape for that matter.
Smoke- Good smoke but the flavor is nothing like a grape.
Overall- To me the flavor almost tastes like tomatos or ketchup. I don’t like it at all. Maybe if I had some hot dog flavored tobacco it would be good but it is real bitter and there is no sweetness like grapes. I do know that this is a good mixing flavor but by itself it is no bueno.

Fumari- White Peach

Fumari- White Peach

Set Up- Mya Bohemian. Mya Big bowl. Mya Standard Hose
Coals- Jap-Two quarters
Smell-Smells delicious. Like taking a bite from a peach.
Smoke- Thick and full. Although, about five minutes into the bowl, the peach flavor went away and in came the soap, potpourri flavor. This was not pleasant at all. It seriously felt like I was licking a bar of flower soap. It wasn’t the “rose” flavor either. It had a very flowery soapy taste to it and was suuuuuper disaMFointing.
Overall- The smoke was good, clouds where thick, flavor was just not there. What is the point of smoking when I could go into the bathroom and eat soap?
Ps. I have yet to find a peach tobacco that I enjoy. So I may be a little biased

Fumari- Mint Choco Chip

Fumari- Mint Chocolate Chip

Pipe-MYA Acrylic, Mya Hose
Smell- Smelled the way Mint Chocolate chip Ice Cream Tastes.
Bowl Used- Tangiers Funnel
Foil- Heavy Duty with two rings or holes.
Coal Configuration- Two Coconut Coals to start the bowl off, later switched to Jap easy lites.
Flavor/ Longevity- Thick Smoke, The coconut coals started the bowl very well. The flavor was really good. There was a strong chocolate taste as well as a strong mint feeling and taste. We went through the 2 coconut coals, then we put on two Jap coals, then added 2 more Jap. Coals after that we took the scraps from the other two hookahs we were smoking and placed it on this bowl. We were probably smoking this bowl for a good two hours and it was still going pretty well. Granted by that time all we could really taste was mint… In comparison to SB MintChoco, and AW After Nine, I give AW 8/10, SB 8.5/10 and FUM 8.5/10 on par with SB…

Mix Review

Hookah: Mya Stem with unknown Base.
Bowl: Funnel Bowl
Hose: Mya Saray hose with the long wooden tip.
Tobacco: ½ Starbuzz Black Grape, 1/2 Starbuzz Watermelon mixed. Filled to the top of the funnel with a little extra on the sides.
Foil: Heavy Duty Reynolds
Holes: One medium sized hole in the center, 12 holes around the outer edge.
Tobacco Condition: Very Wet and smelled FANTASTIC (like always)
Coals: Japanese style, three quarters spaced evenly around the bowl.
Smoke: Usually we would wait for the tobacco to warm up before we started puffing, we were all really anxious to see how the bowl smoked so we did not wait and went right to it. I must say only after three or four puffs the bowl was already smoking like a champ! Nice big white clouds. Since we were indoors, the smoke was PERFECT for O blowing contests. Haha
Flavor intensity/longevity: The flavor was AWESOME. Not only did it taste great, it lasted a very long time. The flavor never died down and was great until I took the bowl off. In fact, my friend was still trying to smoke it while I was taking it off. But alas, it was time to go home.
Time: 1 hour 45 minutes, 5 people smoking, 2 pipes
Clean Up: I took the bowl off and there was no gooey mess like there usually would be. There was no molasses driMFing into the tray. When I emptied the bowl into the trash there was still a layer of unused tobacco, which was impressive.
All in all, this bowl was very impressive and well worth the money. Compared to any other bowl I give it a 9.50. The -.5 was because more coal dust got into the stem, which would make for more cleaning BUT it is easier to clean coal dust than molasses so only -.5. Perhaps a little direction on how to set up the holes on the bowl would be a great help. Other then that I have NO complaints.


Mix Review

Tangiers- Pottermelon *Mix*- Pear/Watermelon-
Pipe- The ones at Tangiers!
Smell- I have no idea, I didn’t pack the bowl
Bowl Used- I am guessing the regular Tangiers Bowl
Foil- I do believe Eric and is peeps use heavy duty
Coal Configuration- 4 Canary Coals to start the bowl off
Flavor/Longevity- my friends and I decided that they wanted a mix this time… And let me tell you it was amazing!!! Very sweet, Very Delicious!!! For all you Tangy fans out there you need to buy these two flavors and smoke them to make one of the best flavors I have ever smoked!!!! My friends ended up walking out of there with a mix of this.. And they have been smoking it since we got home. Although I didn’t sit and finish this bowl with them *had my own hookahs to smoke* it was mighty tasty.
9.5/10 *lost to .5 because my friend said the flavor died down a little towards the end*

Smiley's- Berry Blast

Smiley’s- Berry Blast

Pipe-Mya Bohemian

Bowl Used- Regular Mya

Foil- Heavy Duty with 18ish holes

Smell- Smells very unique. Very berrish.

Coal Configuration- Two quarters Chinese/Japanese Coals

Flavor/ Longevity- I really enjoyed this smoke. Even though I really don’t care for berry flavors all that much. To me, it tasted like a mix between Blueberry Raspberry. Very sweet. Good. We were smoking in a group of four with two hookahs going one with Smiley and one with Tangiers. Between these two these two bowls my friends and myself were pretty goofy. The smoke probably last a good hour and a half. All in all it was very good tobacco.



Tangiers- Root Beer

Tangiers Root Beer
Hookah: Mya Saray Black “candy jar” Vase with Mya Stem.
Bowl: Big Bowl, Unknown
Hose: Mya Saray Thick hose.
Tobacco: Tangiers Root Beer
Foil: Heavy Duty Reynolds
Holes: Medium Holes all around the bowl, about 20-25
Tobacco Condition: Very dark, and smelled like those little root beer candies you get at claim jumpers. Looked like good quality tobacco, little-no sticks.
Coals: two ¼ Japanese, the packaging stated not to use too much heat with brand of tobacco which was a really nice warning, so thanks for that.
Smoke: Started out thin, got a little thinker about 5 minutes later.
Flavor intensity/longevity: I must say that the flavor compared to the smell was very disaMFointing. It tasted NOTHING like root beer, or anything for that matter. After about two go around in the circle the hose was hung up and the bowl was taken off to make a new one.
Flavor: Unfortunately, I do not think I will be buying Tangiers Root Beer again. I am glad I only ended up buying to 100g pack because I am really considering throwing it away. Perhaps Ill give it one more chance. Hopefully the outcome will be a little different then the first.
Time: 20 minutes.
This flavor seems like it has great potential but just isn’t there yet. I hear so many good things about Tangiers tobacco I guess I just picked a dud flavor. There will be a Tangiers purchase in the near future.