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  1. Erica


    haha Where were you guys last night?!?!  <3
  2. I think maybe its time to bust this one out and smoke it!! LOL who wants to join me in a socal hookah meetup and smoke some?! LOL
  3. Erica


  4. !! Stupid Pavo!!!!!! He found my secret Tangy stash!!! I hid that forever ago!!! jerkface!! And then he posts it for the world to see!! *sniffle*
  5. Shiney side down always. I've noticed the heat reacts differntly which I GUESS could cause flavor loss... but with shiney side up it will still smoke
  6. http://www.e-weddingbands.com/store/product168456.html http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002PE3GH8/ref=as_li_tf_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=hubpavango-20&linkCode=as2&camp=217145&creative=399377&creativeASIN=B002PE3GH8
  7. Whats your price range? I think I bought Pavs for like....super cheap! lol dont tell him on 1saleaday.com or something random like that. Its nice though. http://worldringmarket.com/products-page/specials/8mm-tungsten-ring-with-charcoal-carbon-fiber-inlay/ http://www.tungstentitan.com/Mens-Black-Ceramic-Ring-White-Carbon-Fiber-Inlay-p/bcer-plwht.htm http://www.e-weddingbands.com/store/product140928.html http://www.unique-wedding-rings.com/mens-real-diamond-ring-for-under-200-dollars/ convince pav to buy me this one! : http://www.markschneiderdesign.com/home/bridaldetail/4/amore.html lol
  8. Why not do a night or two in vegas and then cruise over to cali?? Its only like a four hour drive to so cal from vegas. What are you looking to spend??
  9. [quote name='littlec' timestamp='1325202791' post='534145'] [quote name='Pavo21' timestamp='1325200393' post='534139'] [quote name='littlec' timestamp='1325196207' post='534130'] [quote name='Fouda1122gbf' timestamp='1325174551' post='534108'] [quote name='littlec' timestamp='1325106193' post='534019'] Eggnog and hookah - fail Eggnog and rum - win [/quote] Did you watch the video? Cause I'm pretty sure hookah and eggnog is a win [/quote] How come? other than it adding a taste I see no benefit. Not to mention that hose was leather and it is probably ruined. also the milk smell is going to be ghosted in that hookah for a while, things that weren't addressed in the video is the aftermath. I appreciate the festiveness of the video but using anything other than H2O in your hookah is a bad idea generally and when it comes to milk products it's ALWAYS a bad idea. [/quote] well just to shoot in u inthe foot i use this hookah often and no ghost atall of milk or eggnog in the hose or the vase or the stem none what so ever. and its clean as can be. SO yes the only reason to add something in the base is to give it a little bit of flavor but hey it works and thats the reason i did it, i've done monster, milk, icecream, eggnog, alcohol, juice never stained my hookah idk waht to tell you if u get urs stained but i could see it doing some damage if i did it allt he time or let it sit in there for like 3 weeks after smoking it and not chaning or using it [/quote] Rioooght lol. Ok but I think your taste buds are dead then sir to each their own, nothing but H2O for me. I've never seen the reason to add flavor to something as flavorful as my tobacco. [/quote] LMFAO... You put liquid in the vase to enhance flavor... which is what it did. I love that you KNOW it ruined his hookah/hose... which is funny because I can SEE it.. and am currently SMOKING out of it.. and there is absolutely no flavor ghosting at all. Soooooo... perhaps you should do a little more research before stating your "facts" and/or clean your hookah more.. because there were zero negative repercussions of putting eggnog in the vase, unless you consider adding wonderful delicious flavor to an already awesome smoke a negative o_O
  10. [quote name='Chreees' timestamp='1323657317' post='532627'] Hot damn! That has got to be the NICEST Halzone setup I've ever seen! Huge props to Erica for that! You've got an awesome girl, Pavo. [/quote]
  11. [quote name='joytron' timestamp='1323639943' post='532602'] [quote name='the_cool' timestamp='1323639564' post='532601'] When i read that there was a new tangiers line, i assumed tobacco which was expected, but i swear i read that there was a new tangiers product line. This made me think there was a new tangiers bowl! Shall I assume from nobody mentioning anything of the sort that there is no new bowl? [/quote] High quality wood mouth and hose port tips that are sanded so you dont need grommets. They are made from woods like cherry and mahogany and are absolutely stunning. [/quote] THose were super nice. Sad I didnt snag one!
  12. [quote name='joytron' timestamp='1323637315' post='532590'] If the tray is shaking its often times because the vase is not totally level and vibrates, the vase protectors help with that but you could also just try changing the surface you smoke on. [/quote] we have carpet in the garage. we will figure something out. right now there is a sock stopping the noise lol
  13. the summer solstice was amazing! that bowl lasted FOREVER! and the pinepas or whatver was DELICIOUS!
  14. [quote name='mustang67n' timestamp='1323637721' post='532594'] [quote name='Erica' timestamp='1323637675' post='532593'] [quote name='joytron' timestamp='1323636620' post='532583'] [quote name='mustang67n' timestamp='1323636431' post='532581'] [quote name='joytron' timestamp='1323636274' post='532579'] Let it be known that Pavo and Erica smoked everyone under the table, over 8 hours straight and I dont think I saw them once without a hose in their mouths. [/quote] Most definitely.. They are freaking INSAAANE. Both of them are beastly! Everyone definitely smoked their fair share though... Hell, I know most of us smoked more hours then we slept all weekend. Even little Coleman held his own after not smoking anything for a loong time HAHA [/quote] Yeah, but times like these really separate the men from the boys (no offense erica) [/quote] hahahah none taken? I guess! lol I guess I smoke like a man! [/quote] punch like one too.. [/quote] This. is. true.
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