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About this blog

my beginners blog to hookah smoking

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Yesterday, I smoked my brand new KM Tri Metal hookah, with a set of coals that I condemned many years ago: insta-light coals. Nakhla 50mm tablets to be precies. Why? you might ask. Well let us say that sometimes, you start liking something which you hated in the past. Or in this case, misused in the past.
So there I stood (yes I was standing in the garden under the carport, too lazy to get a gardenchair) with a big vortexbow ful of Nakhla Fruit Molasses and two tablets on top. I was bewilderd! Seems those little bSPAM!!!ers don't have such a huge inpact on the taste after all. How come? I asked myself. The awnser was pretty obvious: I was too impatient in the past and put the coals, which were still igniting, in the foil. Which gave the rest of the smoking session a nasty taste of blackpowder.

I smoked that session like a King.


Before I wanted to say anything about the KM trimetal, most of all, I wanted to smoke it thoroughly. Here are my imperssions since it was placed in my hands, that magical day.

'Wow, what a heavy box! This must be as good as people rate it!'
'Oh-my-god. This vase is f*cking HUGE, whatta hell! It doesn't even fit in the sink!', ***maniacal laughter***
***Gasping*** 'This stem! It's so...solid, heavy and...be-a-utiful! ***hSPAM!!!ing the stem***
***unpacking black leather Nammor hose*** 'Amagad, I'm gonna feel like a pro smoking this thing.'
'What's in this lil' box? Hm....holy crap! I didn't know vortexbowl were this huge'. ***tender brushing the perfectly polished black matte vortexbowl***

I got to smoke this machie NOW!

Thing smokes like a boss. And I don't just mean any boss, I'm talking Dr. Wily or Zeromus kinda final bosses.

Wow, just, wow.



So here we are again. Welcome dear reader.

Tommorow my new and first KM will arrive at my front door, ushering in a new epic smoking era.I decided to do something drastic to my, soon to be, old Aladin Hookah.
I am not at all haMFy with the draw of this thing. I picked up my drilling tool and bored bigger holes in the chamber/heart/whateveryoucallthepart. And guess what? It works like a charm! Bigger clouds this cold evening, are entering my lungs and leaving my mouth.

I wouldn't dare such a thing with a perfect-holed KM so I had to try it. For anyone out there, I advise you do the same thing. Pleae do make sure to wash it out very well, for you wouln't want metal microparticals in you lungs.

End of blog.


After reading the many posts here, I came to realise that I needed to revise my smoking drastically. I didn't wait a moment after signing up and started exploring the tips a read. As I took of on this exiting journey, I was blown away...litteraly. As I landedon the relaxing gardenchair and pulled the first smoke, my mind trancended to a higher, and as of yet, unexplored territory.

To begin with, I threw away a device I had been using: a thick and perforated aluminium disk that I always put on top of the thin perforated aluminium foil.
Second, I put two half cococoals on the sides instead of a whole in the middle.

I got rid of the furnace in the kitchen as a heater device and started using a blowtorch. This amazing unit heated the coals in a mere 7 minutes to red hot glowing. It also saved me the tedious job of cleaning the furnace, and it's much more efficient!

As we speak, I'm smoking in the garage with some smootBanned Vendorazz comming from my tablets' speakers. After two sessions of coals,I put some Steamstone liquid over the stones and tobaccos and fired up for a third round.It worked amazingly well.
Yes, I'm using a combination of stones and tobaccos because I still lack the proper hardware. So to prevent liquid leakage, I put some tobaccos on the bottom of the bowl. Works like a charm.

But most importantle, I ordered a KM trimetal original with vortebowl. Let us hope this will arrive eitheron the morrow or any day soon after!

More to come soon

End of log