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Mya Saray Bevel Burner




Introducing the new Mya Saray Bevel Bowl. Now, when I first got this thing I was trying to figure out what they were making next to screw onto the top of the bowl. Then I was informed the grooves were to hold the foil in place. Well, now thats clever I though, lets see if it works with say, an underpacked bowl. First though, a brief description.

As you can see, its a little taller, a bit wider, a lot flatter on the bottom, and the holes are spread out more as compared to one of my well used standard burners. Aesthetically (look that one up if you have to ;) ) it is pleasing to the eye with some nice lines that would go well with any modern or traditional Hookah.

You don't really have to do anything different when packing this burner, I mean, I put the tobacco in, I place the foil on top, pull it tight, and then rotate the bowl and pulled down foil in my hand to seal it down as with any other bowl. Only this time the foil is set into the side grooves. This is supposed to keep the foil from flexing and sagging. I know I hate it when MY foil sags, but that's for another blog.

The real question is, did it work. Yup, it worked. I packed this sucker with Tangiers (yes you can smoke Tangiers in a standard bowl, that was covered long ago in another post) about 2/3 full and then set the foil. After an Hour and a half session I pulled the burner, dumped the ash and as you can see in the bottom picture, the foil is still tight. No need for "mods" or screens to keep the foil off the tobacco.

So, is it worth the $6 on myahookah.com. Yup.



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