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Mya Saray Astra




This is a quick guide and review of the Mya Saray Astra. Now,
I know you are probably thinking, the WHAT? Its not the Tank, the QT, the Ballerina, the Bambino, or any of the hookahs
you usually hear about by Mya. What it IS, is a relatively new hookah made up
of over five pounds of brass, chrome and glass. This thing is SOLID.

The stem looks like a QT S Class all grown up. It’s a screw on stem so when your inexperienced
friends try to pick it up by the stem and try to move it you won’t have to make
that lunging grab for the base. The stem has 2 extra port opening, sealed with
removable plugs so it is a quick and easy operation to add additional hose
ports. If you go as far as to replace the purge valve, something you can do
with Mya Saray hookahs if you are using the Auto-Seal Hookah Hose Adapters, the
Astra can easily accommodate up to 4 hoses. With the Hose Adapters you don’t
have to worry about corking the other ports when you aren’t using them and they
act as multi purge valves.

The base is a nicely designed piece of glass. As I said before it is a screw in so it has the
threaded metal collar keeping the stem securely attached to the base. The Base
is wide bottomed and quite thick and even with the weight of the stem, the
Astra has an extremely low center of gravity. Add water and I don’t think
anything short of a deliberate effort will be able to knock it over.

When I had my own lounge, before my home state made places like mine illegal, I actually used the
QT for my house smoking hookahs. I liked them because they were small enough
not to be in the way if you had several on a table (The place was small, not
much room for the hookahs to be placed on the floor), they had a very low
center of gravity so they were ALMOST impossible to knock over, and they were
solidly built and durable enough to take the kind of use and abuse hookahs take
in a lounge setting. If I were to open another lounge today with a little more
room, this is the hookah I would use. They are inexpensive, around $100 retail
from http://www.myahookah.com/mya-astra-s-260-100.aspx, all the parts are
interchangeable and easy to order, and if you have a retail section like I did,
I’m willing to bet after your customers have smoked out of it, they would want
one for themselves.

Did I mention they even look nice?

So, we have a nice looking, solidly built, reasonably priced
hookah than can be made to take up to 4 hoses. How does it smoke…..?


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