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Hello All,


I'm making my own shisha and come across a couple of issues.

1. Flavor not strong, if even present.

2. Using Honey vs. Molasses.


First off, I have made many trial and errors with making my own shisha, but the final product has very little flavor if any. I've tried using fruit, liquids, and even , making extracts from scratch, nothing seemed to work.

Second, I tried both honey and molasses separately in trials. The issue i have with these. Is one the amount to use, since the tobacco always seems dry even when I feel like i used extensive amounts. Another issue is when using honey what I noticed the tobacco has to be refrigerated or it will mold up or attract ants and insects for some reason, but molasses will be perfectly fine no matter how long. Anyone else experiencing this problem?



Tobacco: Virginia cure leaf's----Average size tobacco load: 150g

Honey/molasses----around 30g on 150 gram load of tobacco

Glycerin---30g on 150 gram load

Extract (Homemade and/or store bought)-- No idea on the amount, usually just go with what feels right. (id say probably 1-2 teaspoon)



Please help me out with any ideas or comments. This is really frustrating me.



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Check the how-to-workshop section. 

Dominik has posted a couple of recipes that may he helpful to you.

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