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Hey guys im new i have a question maybe someone can help/answer me 

i have a KM hookah i use al fhaker shisha and coco nara coals i light them for abt 10 mins till no more black is apparent but he lies my issue when i take the coals off the burner and place them on my hookah they die out really fast like 4-5 mins after i place them the bottom becomes all black and no more heat is coming out anyone hear/have that problem ?? 

Thanks in advance

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That's really weird, not sure I've ever had that problem. It sounds like you may have a juicy tobacco and that juice is spilling over the foil (you are using foil right?). I can't think of much else besides maybe you are blowing into your hose and somehow blowing the water up the shaft putting the coals out. That's the only time I've had that happen to my coals...either that or using one of those fancy things to put on your bowl instead of foil and has it's own windcover type thing built in...those things make the coals go black and you only get like half a smoke sesh out of it.


So when I light my coco's, I wait until the top is the only thing black and that's when I flip it then keep it on that side for another 2 min or so.

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