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why does my shisha keep burning my throat

hello. i know this question has been asked. but im really confused  ive had my hookah for 2-3 months now at first ti was horrible  the smoke was harsh and thin but after a few days i fixed it somehow but now 2 months later the same issue popped up again harsh smoke REALLY HARSH. ive tried packing the shisha under the rim i tried packing it over and i tried overpacking but it keeps burning nonetheless setup:  i use mint lemon coals and al fakhar double apple  i have a syrain hookah  and a normal clay bowl i also used several different kinds of bowls but with the same outcome. i get really harsh smoke and i get horrible burn in the back of my throat i tried changing the tobbaco and the hose but its pointless. this has been going on for a few days and i really need help. thank you

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