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Other-than-water Hookah Base Smoking Dangers

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Hello everyone, just registerered in this forum and I've a serious question for your senior hookah smokers:

I've been smoking hookah for a month or so now working in a lounge bar, and I got pretty experienced doing base mixes, however, being utterly bad in chemistry, can't figure the following:

Due to limited (and obviously filtered by the cigarrette mafia, like CDC for example) information on the web, I couldn't learn enough about the base method the hookah base works when you inhale. Apparently in theory, the water filters some of the chemicals from the molasses/the charcoal cup (I use a copper one) and etc., and the hydrogen/oxygen the water is made of doesn't do any harm to the lungs, but what happens to your lungs when you inhale a coffee/milk/alchohol base (that I tend to smoke everyday). Does anyone knows the short and long-term effects of doing so? 

Any specific answers or topic links are appreciated.

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If you use alcohol in the base, smoke from the bowl takes some ethanol molecules and ships them to your lungs. Then ethanol leaks to the blood and comes to the brain. Effect of this is not so strong as if you drink 100ml of vodka, but medicals strongly do not recommend to smoke with alcohol in the base. Coffee has insignificant effect to your organism, and milk brings calcium to your bones))


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