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Sultan Palace, Karlsruhe Germany

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[u][b]Sultan Palace - Restaurant and Shisha lounge[/b][/u]

[b]Location[/b]; Karlsruhe, Germany
[b]Website[/b]; [url="http://sultan-palace.de/"]http://sultan-palace.de/[/url]
[b]Rating[/b]; 9/10
[b]Price[/b]; 6 to 7 euros per hookah/bowl

[b]Flavors;[/b] (I am not going to translate this because I am totes lazy) Apfel , Elma , Doppel Apfel , Çift, Elma , Kirsche , Kiraz , Erdbeere , Çilek , Honigmelone Kavun , Honigmelone mit Milch , Sütlü Kavun , Zitrone , Limon , , Orange , Portakal , Banane , Muz , , Multivitamin , Karışık , , Minze , Nane , , Cappuccino , Kapuçino , Cappuccino mit Milch , Sütlü Kapuçino , Kokos , Hindistan Cevizi , Kokos mit Milch , Sütlü Hindistan ,Cevizi Pfirsich , Şeftali , Traube , Üzüm Mango , Mango mit Milch , Sütlü Mango Ab der zweiten Kohle berechnen wir für je eine Kohle 1 &euro

[b]Extras[/b]; Alcoholic Drinks and great Turkish Food and snacks

[b]The Down low;[/b]

(My bf is from here so we were staying with family at the time) Even though it was difficult to find, and we had to ask for directions all over the place, we found this little gem nestled in the streets of Karlsruhe. They check your id and purses on a busy night but on a not so busy night they cared less. You go up a flight of stairs and there is two partitions to the restaurant - one for normal dining and the other for the shisha 'bar', with the bathroom being outside of both. However, small it makes up in the coziness, atmosphere and hookah/drinks/food. The service was excellent and very attentive to your needs. Another plus was the snacks that you can buy - some resembling a v. small pizza with turkish sausage on it and the drinks were delicious (more so than in American bars). However, a minus is that on v. crowded nights like the weekends, you and your party have to squish next to some one else or sit on the stools opposite of the table. And basically breathe in the unventilated fumes of many hookahs going off at once. But on weekdays it is very calm and relaxed environment.

I personally love this hookah bar, and enjoyed every time I went. And hopefully if we move to Germany it will be our no.1 hot spot for smoking. And hope whomever may be in Karlsruhe try it out.

[b]Contact Information; [/b]

Waldstr. 63
76133 Karlsruhe

[b]Tel:[/b] 0721 / 1510188
[b]E-mail:[/b] sultan.palace.mail[at]gmail.com Edited by Satou

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