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Smoking In The Bay - Sf Bay Area, Ca

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[b][u]Tangerine Hookah Lounge - Downtown San Jose[/u][/b]
[/u][/b]This place is located on 2nd Street and Santa Clara in DT San Jose. The atmosphere inside is more like a night club. Very loud with lots of lights and music. This was in fact my favorite hookah lounge for quite some time. The manager there is extremely nice! On their menu it says they charge $5 per extra person.... Not when the manager is there. He usually doesn't mind and lets it slide. When you first get there they bring you a platter with small containers of every shisha flavor they have. Then you can smell all of them and pick something great. They have amazing prices as well. Usually a night out with 4 of us ends up in about $25-$30. Coal services are fantastic as well! If you are in San Jose, give this place a try.

[b][u]Zoulal Hookah Lounge - San Jose[/u][/b]
[/u][/b]I must say this place is my new favorite. What first sold me is the fact that they have an xbox that you can play while smoking, its amazing.. They also have great flavors. A tad bit cheaper than tangerine when it comes to flavors, but they do charge $5 extra for every extra person (2 per hookah). They have amazing coal service and someone is always by to ask you how your hookah is and to replenish your coals. It is also a little loud here but the atmosphere is more relaxing. Its a very personal experience. Me and a few buddies have been there a few times and they already recognize us each time we come in. Definitely a new favorite place. Not to mention! They sell Nammor Hoses!!! No more waiting 10 days for shipping from hookah-shisha. This place is freaking awesome! Check it out when you are in the area!

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