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Freaky'S Colorado Springs

I've done a bit of shopping at Freaky's over the last year or so and thought I would give a run-down on what they carry. They have 2 locations in town - one on N. Academy and one downtown. They are not a hookah bar but rather a head shop with extensive hookah supplies.

Hookahs - they have quite a selection of pipes which I've looked over but not bought. Most look like generic Egyptians with the odd Mya thrown in. I would order a KM off the net rather than buy one of these pipes just because KM are awesome so you won't have to worry about quality :good2:.

Shisha - they carry the small 100g packs mostly with a decent selection of Romman and Al-fakher. They also carry small tins of Starbuzz. The price is not too bad for what you get with the exception of the Starbuzz which is overpriced. For a regular smoke of course order off the net but if you run out or want to try something different they are great to check out.

Bowls - they have a big selection of bowls including standard Egyptian and also quad-head mixers which look very interesting. I haven't seen any phunnels but would not be surprised if they get a few in sometime. Big selection here.

Coals - I believe the only coals they carry are the Golden quick-lites, but in both 30 and 40mm sizes. Again - for regular supplies order off the net but if you run out this is the place to go.

Hookah connectors/rubber - all those little connectors and gaskets or what not that you use to get an airtight seal around the bowl and hoses. They have TONS! Seriously if you need some kind of rubber connecty item check them out.

Not a bad place at all to check out. When I want to try something different or need a seal for my pipes I use these guys.

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